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Hey, I'm Megan, the soul author of this weird little blog here. My goal for blogging is to entertain, keep a journal, and just have some fun. I talk about everything on this blog -- family, food, fitness, home projects, churchy-stuff -- you name it. Whatever happens to us gets blogged about. I try to find joy and humor in this crazy journey of life.

A little about me:

I've been married to my husband Cory since 2008.

 We collect kids. We're up to three. We have Kennedy, Brynlie, and Logan They're the bee's knees.

I live in Utah. That's as chummy as I'm willing to get.

Fitness and being active is my thang. I know lots of people say that but I LOVE it. My passions are running, cross training, weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking and biking.

I pretty much live for food. I know lots of people say that, too, but watch me go more than 3 hours without eating and see how serious I am... A hungry Megan is not something you want to experience. I eat twice as much as my husband. He's accepted it.

I love to camp and be outdoors.

I pick the pretzels and bread sticks out of Chex Mix and throw them away. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

I love writing and I enjoy humor.

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