Disney Trip Day 3

Our second park day consisted mostly of California Adventure. But we hopped back and forth a little because CA had to close early that night for a special event. 

Radiator Springs Racers was amazing! It was Brynlie's favorite ride. Her smile was so big on the racing part I thought her face might shatter.

 Cars Land was pretty cool, too!

 Logan wasn't impressed.
 I waited with Brynlie and a sleepy Logan while everyone else went on Grizzly Rapids. Brynlie got more soaked than anyone just spectating the ride.
 And probably had more fun, too.
 We tried our first turkey leg, which did not disappoint. Brynlie ate half of mine.
 More Disneyland!

 The girls got to pick out one souvenir. 
 And we love Logan, but we weren't going to waste $30 on something for him when he's too little to care.
 These pictures are super out of order. Oh well.
 Cory and I LOVED the IncrediCoaster!!

 I really wanted this backpack... but not $60 worth.
 We ended the evening watching the Pixar Parade, which was tons of fun!
 Getting sprayed with water.
  Logan was such a good guy on this trip. He melted down a few times, but overall he was a gem. A super exhausted gem.
 Another super pooped-out night.

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