Celebrating His First Year of Life

Our favorite little guy had his first birthday!!! 

We celebrated by forcing him to go on rides at Lagoon. He actually loved them. Most of them. 

The boats were for sure his favorite. He loved ringing the bell. And Kennedy is the sweetest and loved showing him how. 

He was not fond of the whales. More like terrified. 

He’s the cutest. I’m not even kidding. 

Later that night we had the usual “party” with the families where he got some great gifts. 

And then the cake... 

He actually hated it. It wasn’t real frosting and apparently his sophisticated pallet could tell right away and he started to cry. But clearly got over it. 

I won’t even apologize for how much we adore this kid. He’s so smart, so funny, so happy, and so, so adorable!! 

I don’t have any fun facts about what he was doing at one year. He wasn’t walking, that’s for sure. That took him a little while longer. He’s pretty cautious; much more than the girls were, which I find interesting. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. 

So yeah, we love him. Duh. 

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