Disney Trip Day 3

Our second park day consisted mostly of California Adventure. But we hopped back and forth a little because CA had to close early that night for a special event. 

Radiator Springs Racers was amazing! It was Brynlie's favorite ride. Her smile was so big on the racing part I thought her face might shatter.

 Cars Land was pretty cool, too!

 Logan wasn't impressed.
 I waited with Brynlie and a sleepy Logan while everyone else went on Grizzly Rapids. Brynlie got more soaked than anyone just spectating the ride.
 And probably had more fun, too.
 We tried our first turkey leg, which did not disappoint. Brynlie ate half of mine.
 More Disneyland!

 The girls got to pick out one souvenir. 
 And we love Logan, but we weren't going to waste $30 on something for him when he's too little to care.
 These pictures are super out of order. Oh well.
 Cory and I LOVED the IncrediCoaster!!

 I really wanted this backpack... but not $60 worth.
 We ended the evening watching the Pixar Parade, which was tons of fun!
 Getting sprayed with water.
  Logan was such a good guy on this trip. He melted down a few times, but overall he was a gem. A super exhausted gem.
 Another super pooped-out night.

Disney Trip Day 2

I wish I could put into words the feeling we had when we walked into Disneyland for the first time. Growing up, I never really cared to go. I was more of the adventure seeker, so I wanted to go to places like Six Flags and Knott's Berry Farm. But having kids changed that in me. We finally felt the Disney magic, and now we're addicted.
 We purchased the Max Pass which I HIGHLY recommend. That was amazing. We got to ride everything we wanted to ride with almost no wait.
 We saw people, ate, and had the time of our lives!!

Kennedy's favorite rides were Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. She is so funny! Pirates was super fun though.

 Space Mountain was my favorite of the day. That ride was incredible!!!

Since we were able to do most of the park in one day, we headed back to the hotel before the park closed because the girls wanted to swim. We all slept so well that night.

Disney Trip Day 1

In September we were able to take a family trip to California to visit Disneyland, the beach, and Universal Studios!

Cory and I have talked about doing this for years and we always end with "Well, someday when we have money we'll go..."

As the years tick by we've realized we're never going to just "have the money". Ever. We're not one of those super lucky families who get to go all the time because we don't have thousands of dollars we don't know what to do with. If you are, please take me with you next time. Thanks. Anyway, we made a plan and started saving for the trip because we knew it was important to go and that with budgeting, we could make it happen. We worked really hard. Cory worked a lot of extra shifts, we saved, we sacrificed on smaller trips with family to save the money for Disneyland, and we were successful!!!!

This was the most amazing trip! The kids, Cory, and myself are still talking all the time about what a magical trip it was. We had such a blast!! So let's dive in....

After spending 5 hours in the car with Brynlie last summer when we went to Yellowstone, we knew that driving to California for our family just wasn't going to work. Not everyone would have survived the ride. We flew into Long Beach which in itself was quite the adventure. I've only flown once when I was really young. So it was basically my first time flying as well. The girls we ecstatic!!!
 Their excitement was super contagious and I felt like a little kid on Christmas when we arrived at the airport.
 As it turns out, flying kind of scared the crap out of me at first. I tried to put on a brave face and just secretly hoped that if the plane went down, we all died together.

Our perfect little Logan wasn't so perfect on the flight either... but we survived thanks to it being fairly short.

 Once we touched down we took a taxi to our hotel room, settled in, and then decided to spend the rest of the night walking around Downtown Disney. We had yummy and expensive pizza for dinner.
 People warned us about the food prices at Disneyland, and I thought I was prepared, but this meal was way more than I wanted to spend. It was really good though.
 I forgot to mention that we invited Cory's parents and his nephew, Braden, to come on the adventure with us. We had so much fun and they were wonderful company to have!
 We went just in time to see the Halloween decor, but early enough that we didn't have to pay extra to stay in the park at night for the Halloween stuff they do. The decorations were awesome.
 We walked around Downtown Disney then figured we'd better head to bed and get a good nights rest so we could start the magic in Disneyland the next morning!!!


Random Happenings - The Rest of August

We had an obscene amount of unnecessary visits to instacare. I’m not even going to go into detail because after having three kids, we’re supposed to be better at knowing if they’re really sick and we clearly still suck. 

We bought an ice cream maker and made so much fresh, peach ice cream. You guys, it’s heaven in a tin can. The best ice cream I have ever had. 

Life got the best of us sometimes. 

Brynlie started her first day of her second year of preschool. 

We had a tubular pool party/BBQ with all the neighbors on our street. 

And Cory’s sister, Hillary, got married!! 

Say hello to my little old man. 

My painfully shy girls were the flower girls. 

They got this far, got super scared and broke into sobs and ran off to find us. Sorry for the lack of flowers, Hill. I just hope they don’t do the same thing at their own weddings. I’m guessing it’s about a 50/50 chance. 

But they looked cute for the 4.2 seconds they could stand being the center of attention.