The Ranch With Our Buddies

I missed a big thing we did in June by accident. But first let me back up a sec...

I think I've mentioned before how amazing our neighbors and ward are. I literally cannot even talk them up enough. 

One family in particular on our street have fast become very good friends of ours. The wife and I hit it off immediately and her husband and Cory get along so well! They're pretty much the same person. We've never had couple friends before so it's been so fun to go and do things together. Brynlie even wants to marry their son (she's sharing the swing with him in my last post) so if we play our cards right, we could become family!! Ha ha!

Anyway, one weekend they came with us to the ranch. It was so much freaking fun!! We hung out and practiced shooting guns, the men shot 7 skunks (as you can imagine the air was fresh and clean after that), we rode the 4-wheelers, ate delicious food, the kids played, the adults played, and we spent a day at the the lake. Kennedy loved showing off her beloved ranch to their kids and everyone had such a great time. We have plans to go back again next summer without our kids so we can have even more fun and actually get some sleep...

 Logan loved his first 4-wheeler ride!
The lake was so relaxing and the kids wore themselves out, which is what every parent wants. 

Logan is our first baby to not completely freak out over sand. He loved it so much he kept trying to eat it!

 Gosh, could he be any more perfect??
 Beach babe.
 Another summer for Kennedy the kayaking machine!

 These guys don't get to relax much so this was a much-needed day for them.

I already can't wait to go back again. 

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