Summer is Here!!!

Hello, again!

It's officially summer which means I've spent this week floundering and feeling like I've never parented before as we all try and adjust to a new schedule. But we have had some fun already, so I feel like I'm doing an OK job so far.

For Memorial Day we didn't do anything. Cory worked. Story of my life. I did however tackle my first MURPH workout at Crossfit.
MURPH is a Memorial Day workout famous to most Crossfitters. It was super tough but I survived.

I was bummed Cory worked but holidays come with good pay, which means more money for our Disneyland trip coming up in September. Oh wait, did I mention at all that WE'RE FINALLY GOING TO DISNEYLAND IN SEPTEMBER??!! I'm just a tad excited. So are the girls. I'm still not entirely sure they even know what Disneyland is... but Kennedy talked about it on all her school work and we keep watching videos on Youtube of the rides. We are ready!

Anyway, back to my post...

MURPH was super hard and made me lay around the rest of the day with no energy. The girls fed on that like little demons.
Oh well, at least they're learning to be self-sufficient, right? Speaking of self-sufficiency, I never have to cut Brynlie's finger or toe nails because the girl EATS them!!! (insert barf emoji here)
Yes, my friends. Toe nails, too, And if you understood how disgusted I am by feet, you would know how desperate I am to get her to stop. Any tips?

I am loving Crossfit you guys. I have found my niche more than I can even say. I walk into this place every day and have never been so excited to feel pain. It's only been 2 months and I can already see changes in my strength. I love it!!
While I still can't seem to get the fat off my body, I can see more muscle definition in small little glimpses when they video us on the workouts.
Hopefully someday my body will decide to let go of this extra fat it insists on carrying around, but for now, I'm done caring about it. I'm exercising, I'm eating right, whatever happens, happens.

I may have also failed to mention that we live in absolutely the BEST neighborhood. Ok, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but it's worth saying again. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO AMAZING!!! One family threw a "school's-out" party for everyone with bounce houses, pizza, and treats galore. Everyone had a total blast, especially the kids.

I don't think we will ever move. I can't see leaving this amazing ward and group of friends we have found. It's definitely home now.

I tried to start off summer right last week and go for a hike. In Utah, we have this brief, usually week-long "sweet spot" when it comes to our mountains. It stops raining long enough for the trees and grass to turn super green before the heat hits and they turn brown and ugly. So I knew we needed to get out ASAP. Cory was working so I decided to be brave and try taking the kids without him. My brother and his daughter came along for the adventure. I kid you not, we made it less than 5 minutes (I kept track) before the girls were whining that their legs were tired and they were hungry. Not even 12 minutes in we already had to veer off into the trees so someone could go potty.
 But dang it, it was pretty. And we weren't sitting inside.

 Mr. I'll-do-whatever was so good.

I don't mean to brag, but this happened the other day.
They even asked for seconds. SECONDS!!! I probably could have taken over the world riding that high I had all night. But instead I just cleaned my house.

I'll just leave this right here.
In case you missed it, my oldest is quite the tomboy. She's never played with Barbie's or princess stuff. In fact, this is her request for her birthday present. She wants to make sure the excavator has a thumb on the bucket.
Thank you, Kids YouTube, for teaching my children all about construction equipment. And thank you, Cory, for giving them the gene's to actually want to learn about it. If Logan misses out on this I'm going to be so weirded out.

I should win the parenting award because I actually got my girls in swim lessons this summer. They're only 4 and 6 so... I'm pretty on top of it. *sarcasm* But for real, it was way past time, so they've been taking those for the first two weeks of summer. They're loving them so far.

 They're not at the same time; one is first and the other is right after. So Logan and I take a blanket and hang out and wait for them.

I can't wait to see what they learn at the end of the two weeks. I know Kennedy will catch on super quick. Brynlie might be a bit more timid. The girl definitely has a future career as an actress though. The other day the kids were playing outside. I went to the bathroom and came back to the kitchen and saw Kennedy performing CPR on a "dead" Brynlie. I don't even have the slightest idea where she learned to do CPR?

But Brynlie never moved. She never flinched. She never giggled from being pushed on. She laid there lifeless.
At first I thought, "Oh, that's funny." But the longer I watched and the more she didn't move I started to get a little nervous. Kennedy continued compression's and the other kids started to look toward the house looking a little nervous. I started to freak that she was really dead and threw open the window and yelled, "Brynlie, are you ok?!" She sat up, flashed me a smile and said, "Yep! I'm just pretending I dead."

Alrighty then. Carry on.

I love my husband and all, but when it comes to certain things he can be tad dramatic. Like when  the kids spill something and its "everywhere", it's usually not bad. When Kennedy gets "soaked", she usually has a small wet spot somewhere on her clothes. So after I heard about the bad blowout Logan had the other day while I ran to the store that "just got everywhere", I decided to check the laundry...
Yep, everywhere. Glad I missed that one.

Some other summer-fun to note:

Wearing goggles around the house to protect your eyes from air.
Meal prepping. This steak marinade was INSANE!!

And trying to hang out with friends as much as time allows. Today we took bikes and scooters to the Lagoon trail and had fun looking at things and yelling at everyone to stay where we could see them. Good times.

Let the good times roll! I have a whole summer of being fat and pregnant to make up for from last year, so bring on the craziness!!

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