Update #3: Kennedy

I can't say enough about this child of mine. She is the most creative, hands-on, I-can-figure-things-out-in-a-second, loving and playful person. She has made so many friends this year and I love seeing her friends greet her at church and school.
She's just special. I literally can't put into words what it is about her. She loves everything and everyone. Well, except trips to the dump...
She's a natural born leader, and not because she knows how to be bossy. It's quite the opposite; people want to follow her because they genuinely like her and respect her. She reminds me of my brother Tyler. She just has a way with other kids and her siblings that's so gentle and helpful.
She keeps losing teeth. She yanked out her top one at school the other day in class. She was so proud of herself!!
There hasn't been much going on with her to report. She's been at school most days and then comes home and makes us laugh with the things she comes up with.
I'm excited to have her home this summer. And I know Logan and Brynlie will love it as well. She's pretty much their second mom.
Kennedy is my most insecure child so far and it breaks my heart that someone with such a special personality is hard on herself at her tender age. But we're working on it. I see her becoming more comfortable with things she never used to do; like sing in front of me. I love watching The Greatest Showman with her because we sit and belt out the songs together. She's so great!

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