Update #4: The Adults

**This is my fourth and final installment of trying to catch up on our life since I last posted. I was trying to convince myself that blogging doesn't matter anymore. But then I'll go and read posts from years back and I love being reminded of life events. I would be sad if that stopped. So I'm going to try and do better. I am way better at updating life on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there @run_happy_hunter if you want more day-to-day updates. **

I'm doing a post on each family member and as I was gathering my thoughts, I realized there was really nothing to say about Cory. He goes to work and tinkers around our house and is Super-Dad. Other than loving him more than I can say, he doesn't have anything exciting to update on. But just know we love him and he's still here and being awesome in the background and never asking for a thing in return.

Now on to my life-drama...

I accomplished a goal I never thought I could reach... I finished this puzzle/game before the doctor came in the room at the Pediatricians office the other day. It was intense. 

Let's talk about fitness stuff first, I guess.

The gym that has been my life and my home over the last 5 years closed down. It was a very sad thing and I didn't handle it well. I miss my friends like crazy, and I floundered for a bit to know what to do next. But after testing out some places and whatnot, I was finally able to find a great home with Crossfit. The trainers are the real-freaking-deal and the people are amazing. I'm getting my butt handed to me every day, and I love it!! It's what I've been needing. However the first day got a little ugly. My very last box jump of the workout, I didn't quite make it.
My legs were so bruised, swollen, and tender for weeks!! But they're finally on the mend. And I love crossfit so, so much. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Running coaching has been amazing and I've been having so much fun seeing my friends/clients succeed at what they've worked for. Each one has inspired me to try a little harder and make no excuses.

However, running for me personally has been kind of a joke. I've tried to get back into it but I'm just not ready. I run when I can and that usually means running on the trails since those are the only kind of running shoes I have at the moment.

I've had so much shoe-drama, if that's even a thing. I've tried three pairs now that were just terrible and left me with horrible blisters.
Gross, right? Just in time for sandal season. So because of the lack of shoes I haven't been motivated to train for anything or really even try. I know it'll take me awhile to get the hang of doing crossfit and running, so I'm not in a rush to cram everything in. I'll get there. I have time.

We've finally started clearing out the jungle we had in our backyard. People, hear me... children could have disappeared for days in that thing. It's been back-breaking, grueling work, but it's coming along and it's going to look so nice when we're done. The girls now have a nice little spot for their playhouse, we'll get a garden growing soon, and put in a fire pit and lounge area. It'll be awesome. Someday.
And lastly we went to Lagoon yesterday KID FREE with some of Cory's cousins.
It's been a long time since I've had that much fun and laughed that hard. I just wanna squeeze these people, I love them so much!!!
I've now been blogging for two solid hours, so I'm going to be done for now, but I'll do my best to start updating more regularly, especially now that summer is here.

Update #3: Kennedy

I can't say enough about this child of mine. She is the most creative, hands-on, I-can-figure-things-out-in-a-second, loving and playful person. She has made so many friends this year and I love seeing her friends greet her at church and school.
She's just special. I literally can't put into words what it is about her. She loves everything and everyone. Well, except trips to the dump...
She's a natural born leader, and not because she knows how to be bossy. It's quite the opposite; people want to follow her because they genuinely like her and respect her. She reminds me of my brother Tyler. She just has a way with other kids and her siblings that's so gentle and helpful.
She keeps losing teeth. She yanked out her top one at school the other day in class. She was so proud of herself!!
There hasn't been much going on with her to report. She's been at school most days and then comes home and makes us laugh with the things she comes up with.
I'm excited to have her home this summer. And I know Logan and Brynlie will love it as well. She's pretty much their second mom.
Kennedy is my most insecure child so far and it breaks my heart that someone with such a special personality is hard on herself at her tender age. But we're working on it. I see her becoming more comfortable with things she never used to do; like sing in front of me. I love watching The Greatest Showman with her because we sit and belt out the songs together. She's so great!

Update #2: Brynlie

Our spunky, hilarious, ball of sass is now FOUR!!!
 She's also breezed through her first year of preschool!
Our cute little Brynlie... She's still the same wild and crazy gal she's always been. She's either side-splittingly funny or pushing our limits so hard she makes us cry. There's really no in-between. She terrifies me for the future, but there's also a tiny part of me that knows if I can guide her spirit into the right channels, she can do wonders. She has a big personality packed in that little skin-n-bones frame and I love that about her.

She picked out this outfit herself. I was beaming with pride.
So first, birthday...

When I was 4 my mom had a company called Pony Haven come to our house. You basically rent their real-live-pony for four hours. They drop it off, let you ride it as much as you want and then they come pick it up. It was one of my most memorable birthdays because I was obsessed with horses at the time. Well, guess who else is obsessed with them? My mini-me. I looked into Pony Haven for her because I knew it would make her head explode with excitement, but it was hella expensive. I mentioned this in passing to my AMAZING friend and neighbor who told me her cousin has horses and we were welcome to go ride them. How cool is that???

We spent a Saturday morning before her birthday party out in Tooele county riding horses. And she was in heaven. I mean... just look at this!
She and Kennedy both got to ride around for about an hour and a half and it was perfect! We were so grateful they let us come and have some fun.

After horseback riding we went home and made it just in time for her horse-party. She kept saying the two things she wanted for her party were friends and balloons. Since a 3 year old doesn't really have a lot of friends... we did the best we could. And it was so much fun!
 We played Pinterest games that lasted a whole 15 minutes of a 2-hour party, but everyone had fun anyway.

 Ms. Particular had a specific list of things she wanted. Lucky, everyone delivered and she was spoiled rotten. We now have horses coming out our ears. And Barbies, which I guess she's suddenly into? But they have to be naked or she can't play with them. Butt. Freaking, Naked.
Her birthday was a wild success and she's already making plans for next year.

She also finished her last day of her first year of preschool recently.
We went for her program and I was looking forward to actually watching a child do something this time since Kennedy is too shy to ever sing or participate. But B spent the whole time lifting up her dress and showing everyone her boobies just to get a rise out of me. So that was fun.
She did like school a lot and she learned more than she was willing to share in the program. And they made us books about our kids and her answers were the freaking bomb!
Rory is her best friend. And apparently the only person who matters.
In all honesty I love my little Boo more than I can say. I love that she cuddles with me and still holds my hand. I love that she will stop what she's doing and nurture Logan. I love how she looks like a stiff breeze might carry her off. I secretly love her quirky eating-habits and how she is a little sugar addict. Even though it drives me crazy most days I love that she's independent enough to know what she wants to wear and look like that day.  I love that she's a goof off and does things to make people laugh. She's one special little girl.

Update #1: Logan

Oh my sweet little man.
 People must not believe me, but he really is the best baby! He's an adorable ball of chunk who loves everyone and everything and is 9 months old now!
 He's had his first haircut and I did a terrible job since he wouldn't sit still. His hair isn't really red. Maybe it has small highlights in it, but it's mostly a blonde color. 
 Logan is huge. He weighs 20lbs and is really long. He's also got a pretty large melon on his shoulders and because of that, he's "delayed" in some milestones because it takes him longer to learn how to balance all that weight whenever he moves around.
 At this age both girls were crawling and pulling themselves up to things and cruising around furniture. Logan isn't even close. He's so freaking chill he doesn't really have a desire to move around yet. As long as he can see what's going on, he sits back and laughs and just enjoys the moment.
 He is a FLIRT!! (<-- a="" adoring="" and="" been="" caps="" computer="" double-tapped="" flashes="" for="" he="" him.="" how="" i="" it="" just="" key="" long="" most="" my="" nbsp="" not="" on="" p="" phone="" s="" show="" shy="" since="" smile="" someone="" talks="" that="" the="" to="" typed="" ve="" whenever="" word...="" yet="">
 The only time he's been a problem is when he's been sick (he recently had hand, foot and mouth and that was awful) or when he's cutting teeth. His pain threshold must not be very high. He has popped out two bottom teeth as of this morning though so hopefully the top ones will give him a break for a bit. How is it fair that teething is miserable when we're babies but when we get older teeth come in all the time without any trouble? I'll add that to the list of questions I have for a certain Man in Heaven when I meet him. *wink*

I used the word "delayed" in parenthesis earlier because he's technically not delayed or a concern, just much slower than his sisters. We took him to a follow-up physical therapy appointment for his torticollis and had them check him out and the therapists say he's totally fine. Cognitively he's super attentive and soaks things in. He just doesn't want to move. He hates being on his stomach for more than 3-5 minutes even now, so I wonder if he won't even learn to crawl; he'll just skip it and walk eventually.   

But, fun facts of Logan:
* In 9 month clothes
* size 3 (soon to be 4) diapers
* claps
* has said both mama and dada, but not in context  
* has the BEST laugh in the world
* usually sleeps really well at night unless he's in pain for some reason. totally understandable
* Loves solid foods and is finally used to chunky things
* just sits and chills wherever he is and soaks in the world around him
* has a special smile for Kennedy