Grand Staircase Escalante

Well, that was a fun little blip in my blogging life... 

I really tried to blog. Every time I opened the app this strong desire to lay down and die would overpower me and I would just give up. But I think mentally it was really good for me. I’m not even going to bother to play catch-up. I’ll just throw in information that seems relevant in this post. But overall life has been pretty good. 

For spring break we ventured down to Grand Staircase Escalante. The last time I was down there was when I was in college and of course I kept thinking, “I wonder who I will marry and if he will love this stuff as much as I do?” 

Fast forward 12 or so years (I’m too lazy to do the actual math) and I was on a 6 hour car ride with my amazing husband and our three kids. Holy cow, life moves fast! 

Our first day was spent traveling. We arrived just in time for dinner, the sunset and a fire. 

The next day we visited Devils Garden:

And then hiked many hours to see some amazing slot canyons. Our favorite one was Spooky. The girls were SO GOOD for the almost 5 miles we hiked and canyoneered. 

Kennedy had 16,000 steps on her Garmin by the time we were done. That’s a long way for a 3 and 6 year old. I’m so proud of them! 

Spooky Canyon was SO TIGHT!! It was a blast!! 

And we succeeding in wearing everyone out. I cannot remember the last time Kennedy took a nap. 

The next day we took a ride over Hell’s Backbone Road, or something like that. It goes up into Boulder Mountain and all over the place. It was super gorgeous. On the way there we went on Devils Backbone... not confusing at all... which is a part of the highway that has cliffs on each side. It was rad. 

There were some amazing views on our drive and we went over Hell’s Backbone Bridge which was breathtaking - both for the views and the stiff wind that almost blew us over. 

Logan got sick the day before we left so he was not feeling well while we were there. But despite that fact, he was AMAZING! I got to sleep with him next to me. A couple times he would wake up, look over at me and put his hand on my arm, almost as if he was like “oh good, you’re still there” and then fall back asleep. Other than a couple brief moments of screaming, he was so, so good. 

The weather forecast said there was going to be high winds on Saturday, so we decided to head home a day early and avoid the crappy weather. We packed up and then went to see Covered Wagon Natural Bridge before we left. The hike was small and fun and the area was super cool. The trailhead isn’t marked though, so we missed it and ended up driving twice as long as we wanted. 

The extra driving wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the 6 hour drive we still had to get home. We’ve learned our lesson: just drive home on the day you’re leaving. Don’t spend extra time in the car. By the time we got on the road we were already yelling at each other, Logan was screaming cause he was sick of his car seat, and the girls were driving us CRAZY!! We took a couple more stops than we planned on to keep us all from wanting to die. 

We ended up blowing a trailer tire (AGAIN!) about 30 miles outside of Nephi, which resulted in us just giving up on going home that night and we stayed in Spanish Fork in a dumpy motel because we were so exhausted and hungry. But the sky was awesome, so there was that. 

After spending unplanned money on a new trailer tire and a hotel for the night, we finally got home earlier today. I’ve never been so excited to sleep in my own bed before. I love that thing like a 4th child. 

So yeah, life is good. I’m doing really well. I’m feeling really happy and I’ve finally got the 3 kids chaos down to a minimum on most days. I’m just working on losing my pregnancy body and that’s not going so well haha! But it’s ok. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Cory is working lots like always and still being an amazing father and husband when he’s home, Kennedy is still adorable and helpful and learned to ride a bike without training wheels this past week without any help; she just hopped on and went for it. She’s amazing!! Brynlie has been talking so, so much. She makes me laugh like mad, in-between bouts of making me crazy. She’s so much fun. Logan is still the most amazing baby on the planet. We love his guts. 

Hopefully, more to come soon! 

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Amy said...

What makes your bed so awesome? Do you have a great mattress? I may be in the market, I would love to say the same about my bed.