The Past Month . . . Part 1

Couponing level: expert. 

One of the many nonsensical pictures Kennedy draws for me that I love just as much as the sensical ones. 

I told her she could pick any book she wanted from the library. 

I’ve been running more. Go me. Even training for a race... kind of. 
We got bored enough one night to do makeovers... 

Don’t worry, we took care of it. Almost like it never happened. 

He’s so damn cute. 

And these two are just nauseatingly adorable together. 

Same with these two...

Kennedy had a scare this past month. She was playing near a river and dropped her doggy in and started to watch it get swept away. This doggy is the most precious thing in the world to her. Without hesitation she dove in after it; head first. She was soaked head to toe and literally traumatized by the experience but she rescued Doggy. We had many talks about never ever jumping in rivers cause we can always get a new Doggy, but we can’t get a new Kennedy if she drowns. It was an intense day. We both cried a lot. 

My thoughts on life lately:

Oh hey! I actually won an Instagram giveaway!! It was so crazy! It was a movie prize package which we used for our Valentines date. We finally saw The Greatest Showman 8 years after everyone else. Loved it. 

Logan hanging out with the man who gave him the gift of not going bald when he’s older. Thanks, Dad! 

This little Dude... 

He’s the most patient, easy-going, happy little man. He’s truly a gift. 

Stay tuned for part 2... I may even try and say more than one-liners. 

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