New Year, New Camera Roll Pics

The kiddies all got matching minion jammies from Aunt Lisa for Christmas. They love them! 

Ok, to be fair, Logan isn’t quite as enthused as the girls, but this is coming from the kid who spends hours a day sucking on his hands. 

I’ve recently discovered that at Ichiban Sushi I can get my favorite sushi roll, a Vegas Roll, for $4.95. I can also get the girls cups of egg drop soup, which they love, for even less than that. 

Since discovering this we have been there an embarrassing amount of times; 4 times in the first week, and off and on since then. I have a problem. And I’m going to get so fat. But it’s freaking delicious and you can’t even get a meal at McDonalds for that cheap! 

Santa left this in my stocking and I am loving it so far. 

Yasso 800’s were the only speed workout that wasn’t covered in my studies to become a certified running coach, so I’m super pumped to learn more about them and implement them for my marathon clients. 

Could this kid be more adorable?! You guys!! 

I say it every time, and I’ll say it again, he’s the happiest little thing. I cannot wait to see more of his personality come out cause he smiles at everything and it doesn’t take much to get him to laugh. 

I’ve made a goal to eat at home more. Part of that is from the fight Cory and I had when he found out how often I was going to Ichiban... haha. And the other part is to save money and eat better. I feel like I lost so much control over so many parts of my life, so I’m hoping to get them back, including caring about my diet again. We made drumsticks and Kennedy gobbled up two of them and wouldn’t stop telling me how much she loved them. I guess I need to make them more often. 

I also made a bunch of freezer meals ahead of time for those nights when I’m too tired and stressed to make dinner. I kinda feel like I gave myself a second Christmas gift. Plus I got groceries for two weeks worth for under $100 with this trick. Score!!! 

All of Logan’s dark hair fell out and now it’s growing in super blonde. He’s got a pretty impressive fuzz-head going on. 

Kennedy got a Garmin VĂ­vofit Jr. for Christmas. At first I thought it might just be something cool for her to have, but it has made a huge difference in her! First off, she can now compete in steps with me each day and she’s obsessed with getting more than me. And she’s kicking my butt. 

If she’s not in the lead she will run laps around the house until she is. I didn’t know the sweetest child on earth had such a competitive side. 

It’s got timers on there for her to do just about everything. She times herself to eat breakfast and dinner, she times how long to brush her teeth, do her homework, and get dressed. She always tries to beat the countdown timer. It’s been a godsend for someone like her who really struggles to stay focused on anything. Best purchase ever! 

This past weekend we had our annual ice skating thingy with Cory’s family. We missed most of the ice skating because Cory and I were at the funeral for that young mom in our ward. But Hillary took the girls out to have fun. 

I cannot believe how much this family has grown since I joined it. And we were missing like 11 or 12 people. 

I’m always just blown away by how good and loving these people are. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a great family. 

So it’s a new year which means new goals. I made a bunch of others, which I may or may not get around to talking about, but my main goal is to focus on this:

I had such a hard year in 2017. I struggled with depression, anxiety, I focused on what we didn’t have instead of what we did have, and I became bitter because things weren’t perfect. Life rarely is, so if I don’t learn to roll with the punches and love it with its imperfections, I’m never going to get out of this rut. So my main goal is to be more appreciative for the things I have, serve and think about others more, and just try to find ways to truly be happy. I’ve been selfish. It’s time to change that to selfless. And have more fun and appreciate being a mother more. 

Brynlie got this dress from Cory’s parents for Christmas. She looks so country-western-chic doesn’t she?? Haha 

We got to feed my friends chickens over the weekend while she was out of town which meant we got some of the eggs. We were all just a little excited! 

I was the worst person ever because I lacked the ability to move the sun so it wasn’t in her eyes. 

I love the moments I get to spend cuddling this Little Booger. 

And the moments talking to this Little Booger. She makes me laugh every single day with her imagination and antics. 

And she no longer walks anywhere in our house. She rides the scooter everywhere she goes. Not even joking. 

I laughed way too hard at this. 

I love this show. It’s so nice to have a show I can watch with my kids around, that isn’t loaded with sex and language, and that always leaves me feeling good. I don’t care how cheesy it is. 

And lastly, our Dear Prophet passed away last night. President Monson was pretty amazing. I remember him waving to me at the Salt Lake Temple when I went there to do baptisms when I was a youth. I was dressed and ready before everyone else and was waiting in the lobby and he walked by, gave me the biggest smile and waved. I also got to meet him and shake his hand in high school, and it was amazing. I’m really gong to miss him and his inspired, uplifting messages. Until we meet again, President Monson. 

See you soon. 

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