July and Crap

July was full of ups and downs. Mostly ups though, and mostly pictures of Logan. Surprised?

It's rare that he wakes up unhappy. I get my daily dose of Logan-love-drug and start my day off right. 
 And he's pretty obsessed with me. I don't mind it.
 We planted a "trial garden" this summer to test out growing some things. I was so pumped to pick and eat our first zucchini!! But now we have zucchini and tomatoes coming out our eyeballs so next year we won't plant so many...
 I came out of the shower one day and found Logan waiting for me like this.
I about died laughing and kept yelling, "Don't move! Don't move!" while I grabbed my phone and snapped this picture. I just barely got it in time. 

We also took a camping trip in July up to Whitney Reservoir. 
I took a total of three pictures and they're kinda lame, but I'll share them anyway. 
 It was so nice to get to the mountains and escape the horrible heat we had going on back home. We even got a few thunderstorms while we were up there which was fun. The girls had fun playing with other kids who came and riding their bikes and fishing with Daddy. Logan was sick so he was a gigantic pain in the butt... especially at night.
 But it was pretty and fun to get away.

Still cute and happy, now that we weren't camping.
 We went to the parade for the 24th of July with our friends and got lots of candy and saw a whole lotta nothin'. What happened to awesome floats for parades? There were like 3 out of 150 entries, or something like that.
 Logan is the primary celebrity. The moment Sr primary enters the room, the oldest class begs to hold and play with him. I love it because it keeps him happy and occupied so I can get my crap done. He sure loves them and they love to make him giggle.
 I just thought this was cute, so there you go. Playing dress up at Grandma's.
One bad thing that happened in July was Cory had his first (and hopefully only) work injury. He was hammering some hot metal and a shard broke off and shot like a bullet into his forearm.
It was lodged in there and was bleeding really badly. They ran him down to instacare where he called me to tell me what had happened. The second he called I knew something was wrong because he rarely calls me from work. They had to cut a second hole in his arm and dig around for about 20 minutes to get the metal out.
It amazingly missed all major veins and arteries. It went through his safety clothes and everything. He was so lucky it didn't go into his abdomen. The poor guy was sore for a few days and swollen, but he's doing better now and has some cool scars.

In July we also babysat our neighbors dog for 10 days. I thought it would be a really good trial run to see if I even want a dog in the future. Consensus is: it's not up to me. Someday I won't be able to say no to this.
 She was a really good dog and easy to take care of. If every dog could be like her, I would get one right now. But I hated having another living thing following me everywhere I went.

So this one time I accidentally locked myself out of our pantry for the entire day. That sucked.
 And we took these hoodlums to see Incredibles 2. The movie was great, but the kids were not. Will I ever learn that taking children to a movie is a total disaster?? When the lights came up at the end I wanted to throw a paper bag over my head and hide from the judgy looks of everyone else in the theater.
Our countdown to Disneyland is well underway. We are so freaking excited!!!
And last but not least, WE BOOKED OUR FIRST EVER CRUISE!!!!!!!
We've never been on one because we didn't want to go alone and we never really had anyone to go with. Now that we actually have couple friends, we thought, lets do it!!! We're going to the Eastern Caribbean next year and I wish it were tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ranch With Our Buddies

I missed a big thing we did in June by accident. But first let me back up a sec...

I think I've mentioned before how amazing our neighbors and ward are. I literally cannot even talk them up enough. 

One family in particular on our street have fast become very good friends of ours. The wife and I hit it off immediately and her husband and Cory get along so well! They're pretty much the same person. We've never had couple friends before so it's been so fun to go and do things together. Brynlie even wants to marry their son (she's sharing the swing with him in my last post) so if we play our cards right, we could become family!! Ha ha!

Anyway, one weekend they came with us to the ranch. It was so much freaking fun!! We hung out and practiced shooting guns, the men shot 7 skunks (as you can imagine the air was fresh and clean after that), we rode the 4-wheelers, ate delicious food, the kids played, the adults played, and we spent a day at the the lake. Kennedy loved showing off her beloved ranch to their kids and everyone had such a great time. We have plans to go back again next summer without our kids so we can have even more fun and actually get some sleep...

 Logan loved his first 4-wheeler ride!
The lake was so relaxing and the kids wore themselves out, which is what every parent wants. 

Logan is our first baby to not completely freak out over sand. He loved it so much he kept trying to eat it!

 Gosh, could he be any more perfect??
 Beach babe.
 Another summer for Kennedy the kayaking machine!

 These guys don't get to relax much so this was a much-needed day for them.

I already can't wait to go back again. 


Catching Up: The Rest of June

June was a busy but super fun month. After our Lava Hot Springs adventure my mom brought my brothers boys home to stay the week with her. We made sure to get in lots of cousin time before they went back to Wyoming. 

And then the sweetest little red head you ever did meet had her 7th birthday. 

I can’t believe it. Somehow saying she’s going to be in second grade sounds so much older than first grade. 

She had super weird ideas for her birthday party (like a cat party... what am I supposed to do with that?) but I convinced her a water party would be fun since it was hot that day. She invited a lot of friends and just about all of them came. There was a slip-n-slide, wet trampoline, water guns, water balloons... it was a blast. 

Some even made their own “hot tubs”. 

All she wanted was a remote control excavator for her birthday and she got one! Along with this:

Biggest tomboy ever. When she opened her excavator all the girls at the party were so confused why she had a boys toy instead of an American girl doll haha. Because that’s our Kennedy. 

Other items of note. 

Logan is still super cute. 

We have a mini Converse Chuck Taylor shoe in our shower tile. I see it every day. Isn’t it cute??

We got this bad boy. We made Butterfinger ice cream and it was to die for. Next we wanna make peach. 

Loving the hammock in our backyard. 

Great sunsets 

And young love. 
And Brynlie is such an adorable fire cracker. 


Lava Hot Springs Picture Frenzie

Fathers Day weekend we had a total blast in Lava Hot Springs, which means I'm about to blast your computer/smart phone with about a million pictures of the trip. Here we go in 3... 2... 1...

My parents decided to stop 10 minutes outside of town for lunch so we hung out with them while they ate and Logan provided the entertainment.

 Cory and I decided to wait until we got to Lava to find lunch. After finding a Mexican food truck, I feel like we won the day in choices.
 My big brother came from Wyoming and once everyone arrived we rented some tubes and ran the river. It was only 70 degrees that day and the water was freezing, but it was fun! Cory and I took the girls down once and it freaked them out, so I stayed with them after the first run because they didn't want to go again. Maybe next time we get them to go more than once.
 My mom was amazing enough to shuttle us back and forth and watch Logan, who was a serious pain.
 It took some trial and error to figure out how to put the tubes in the truck safely.
 **We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a random picture that got out of order somehow, and I'm too lazy to try and fix. Embrace it. It's what the picture would have wanted.**

 My sister and younger brother went on single tubes and did not have a great experience... Next time, quad -tubes for all and all for quad-tubes!
 After the river we went back to camp and played some games and such.
 The kids found the one mud puddle within a half-mile radius and circled it like vultures.
 and sat around the fire eating s'mores and hanging out.
 Our first night was rough. It's always rough. If we based trips off the first night we would never go anywhere. Logan slept terribly and was beyond tired, but that didn't phase his cuteness. I kinda wanted to like him less, but I just couldn't.
He did much better the next two nights. He sleeps on the bed with us in our trailer and I kinda love it. Once he knows where he is and that it's where we sleep, he does much better and he's so fun to cuddle with. We had some pretty wicked thunderstorms the first two nights. The first night it scared him pretty badly. We were camping in a big open field and the lightning was super close so to be honest, it scared me, too! But the second night we just held hands and he would squeeze my hand on a particularly loud clap of thunder then close his eyes and go back to sleep. He's amazing, you guys.

Day two we headed for the pool cause the forecast called for rain and we wanted to soak up the good weather while we could. We stayed for about 5 hours and never got rained on, so that was great.
 Rain wouldn't have mattered anyway because all the kids wanted to stay inside the whole time.

 Some got more worn out than others.
 Some got hungrier than others.
 Some were more helpful than others.
 Kennedy was a little shark in the water! I'm so proud of her swimming skills!

Swimming kind of wiped us all out. I love this nephew of mine. He's 2 weeks older than Brynlie and he's so great!

 Those freaking lashes.
Monday the weather was pretty stormy, but that didn't stop us from having fun! Whenever there was a break in the rain we took advantage of all our campsite had to offer. Or at least the kids did. I sat and ate my weight in chips and salsa and enjoyed watching them play.

 It was so freaking gorgeous up there!!

The rain didn't bother us because we saved Monday for the hot tubs! It was the perfect weather for it. Kennedy didn't want to go because she was scared it was going to be too hot. But she loved it and it took the I'm-threatening-you-with-your-life-as-quietly-as-I-can-in-public-without-making-a-scene-and-getting-the-cops-called-on-us-voice (and some psychical tugging) to get her to leave. You know that voice; it's the one that kind of sounds like Batman.
 He does cry sometimes, I promise.
 I love our butt crack photo-bomb. Also my head looks like Mega-mind.
That night all the grand kids got to have a sleepover in Grandmas trailer, which meant Cory and I went to bed cuddled up with just our little buddy.
Tuesday we packed up camp and then headed into town to walk around and find some lunch before we headed home. The town was deserted on a weekday. I think we saw maybe 7 other people. But we found a great lunch spot and the kids got the best kids meal they've ever had!! I won't lie, I was this close to asking the waitress to take my food and bring it back in a car-box.
 The drive home was oddly peaceful and pleasant.
It was so much fun! I sure love family time. I can't wait to go back up there again.