Back To Normal Life

Hey guys! So I’m feeling much better today. A week ago I would say I was at a zero, and since starting my new stuff I’m slowly working my way back up to a 10. Today I feel at about a 6 or a 7, so that’s pretty amazing. Thank you, modern medicine! 

To get real deep and disturbing, I’ve had one time in my life (before I met Cory) where I was suicidal. I didn’t have any thoughts of harming myself or my kids this time, but I can tell you that if I had to live like that without any help... I can see why anyone with depression or intense anxiety might look for a way out. Please, please, PLEASE don’t be ashamed to ask for help!!!

Ok, enough about that. I don’t want to dwell on unhappy things. 

So our Thanksgiving was pretty great. We had dinner with my side of the family on Wednesday and dinner with Cory’s side on Thursday. It was great to spend time with family and eat a crap-ton of delicious food. 

Kennedy got to play dress up with Hillary’s old prom dresses. Brynlie tried, too, but she’s a little too small. 

And did I mention I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving? I didn’t? Maybe that’s because it was kinda sad...

I have done zero running. I just don’t have the time with a baby as young as Logan. I know that won’t be the case forever and I don’t want to run my body down trying to do everything all at once. So I’m just waiting until I have the time and feel ready. I was able to run the whole race which surprised me, but it was painfully slow. I use the term “run” loosely. I more or less shuffled. But hey, I did it and it was just for fun anyway. And the race swag was kind of amazing for a small Thanksgiving Day race. 

I was super excited to decorate for Christmas this year. Maybe because we missed out last year? It was a little crazy hanging 5 stockings on the mantle. 

We’ve also taken a few short drives around the neighborhood to check out everyone’s Christmas lights. But I think this “Tree of Life” at the cemetery has been the favorite. 

How am I not bald?? I hate, hate, HATE the post-baby hair loss. I never wear my hair down anymore cause I shed worse than a Labrador. 

I mentioned before that I was really jealous of the girls cowgirl boots. I decided that’s what I wanted for my birthday. They’re expensive (but affordable at Reams), so I saved the money I got from family and finally made the trip to at least go try some on. I was convinced they were going to be uncomfortable and that I would end up not wanting to get any. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong!! I had a tough time picking out a pair because they were all so cute and comfy. I finally settled on these and I haven’t worn anything else since I bought them. I AM OBSESSED!!! 

They’re the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. They go with everything and they should last me a very, very long time. I love them so much. I want a million pairs now. Think I could run races in these? Haha

Now I get to look as cute as my little ladies. Hahaha ok, they look way cuter than I do. But I still love them. 

Brynlie loves my boots, too. 

Cory woke up to this the other morning. He said he counted 6 total. I wonder if they came looking for apples? Sorry we got rid of them all, guys! 

Whoever says you can’t buy happiness has never found one of these in a Chex Mix bag. 

It feels so good to be enjoying this again! 

Well I’m going to go try and enjoy watching kids movies until it’s time to start dinner. Have a good one! 

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