11 Days Till Christmas!!

Although remodeling our house has been a huge source of stress and frustration, I am already so grateful to The Lord for placing us in the ward He did. This place is freaking amazing!! Our neighbors (who are probably in their 80’s) invited us and a couple other neighbors/families over for pizza the other night just to get to know us better and have fun. And it was such a great night! The friendships and bonds we have already formed with such great people... I can’t even tell you how much that means to me. Our bishop is an incredible man as well. I’m just feeling so very lucky to live where we live. 

We had our ward Christmas breakfast the other day and Brynlie wanted to go up and sing with the primary kids. Since she will be a sunbeam soon, (what?!) I figured, what the heck. She didn’t sing of course, but she spent a good chunk of the songs with her middle  finger up her nose, flipping the bird to everyone. I tried to hurry and get a picture but of course she stopped as soon as I zoomed in. 

So, 11 days till Christmas. I finally got all the Christmas shopping done. Our last gift arrived on our porch this afternoon. 

Except for wrapping, the worst part is over with! But I am so excited to see the girls faces on Christmas morning!!! Eek!!! Playing Santa is the freaking best!! We were able to get everything they requested and spent every dollar of our Christmas savings. It’s gunna be a good one. 

Weekend vibes. 

Cory doesn’t really like that I do this, because he doesn’t want the kids thinking they can take over our bed. But some of my most favorite memories from my childhood are cuddling with my mom in her bed. I want my kids to love it as much as I do. Plus it means I get to stay in bed a few extra minutes in the mornings. And they know it’s only a weekend morning thing. For now. 

When the husband asks why I vacuum every day. 

I hate Utah winters. Well, mostly the inversion. I guess I don’t mind it if I can see the sun and the air isn’t hazardous to breathe. We got so bored yesterday we took a drive up the mountain to find the sun again and get above the inversion. It’s so gross!! 

And we have no storms in sight strong enough to break this up anytime soon. Boo!!! 

Yesterday we made cookies. I always envision this hallmark moment making cookies with my kids - them on the counter, helping me measure ingredients and listening intently while I teach them to cook and we bond even deeper over sugary, baked goods - but it never happens that way. Everything always gets spilled, the eggs always get broken cause they won’t stop touching them, someone’s fingers almost get cut off by the Kitchenaid and by the end I’m cussing  and screaming like Gordon Ramsey. 

But, dammit, we did it. We made cookies. And someone made a snow woman in the dough when I wasn’t looking. The gender is made obvious by the boobs. 

And even after all the chaos, the cookies tasted delicious. So it was worth it. 

During all the Christmas shopping, there were several times I almost bought some new dolls and accessories, but always talked myself out of it thinking they never, literally NEVER, play with the dolls they already have. So what did they do completely randomly today? 

Well, one did. The other insisted on being the doll. 

She watched the whole Smurf movie like that. Until I went out on the couch and just got Logan to sleep in my arms; then she tipped it over somehow and slammed her head into the corner of the wall... 

Oh poor Logan, your sisters never let you rest. 

Little Man started throwing up last night. It lasted about an hour and I couldn’t stop crying cause it was so sad!! I’ve never had a baby this little with a stomach bug before. It broke my heart. 

He didn’t eat much today and you can tell he still doesn’t feel well, but at least he kept down what he did eat. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be feeling much better. I feel so bad for the little guy. And I am really freaked out that he’s not even 4 months old yet and he’s already caught a cold and a tummy bug. I hope this isn’t an indication of our winter. I’m pretty sure life is trying to drive me to insanity. 

Well, I’m off to bed. I have a deep, fond respect for my bed and I’d hate to waste anymore precious time with it. See you soon! 

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JesseHanson said...

Best blog of the night! How much I am amazed by your words and the pictures you just shared. All of them shows how great mother you are.