Random Acts of Camera Roll (Mega-picture edition)

When your 6 year old insists on watching Stranger Things with you...

Museum of Natural History when my brother was here. 

Diggin for bones. 

It’s like herding cats. 

But put on a movie and they’ll all be best friends. I seriously love this picture, especially the nose picking. 

3.5 years ago...

And now...

One more from the museum. 

Sometimes they fight like she-devils. And sometimes they’re perfect angels. 


I bought this onesie for my nephew who passed away at 22 weeks gestation. Now when Logan wears it it’s a small tribute to him. Plus, it’s freaking awesome! 

It was Saturday morning and I decided to clean the house, so naturally it was also make-a-fort-and-bring-out-every-toy-we-own-to-put-in-the-fort-and-rearrange-all-the-furniture-to-make-Mom-cry day. 

3 kids is EXHAUSTING. At least while one is still a baby. But they’re definitely worth it. 

Highly, HIGHLY requested “baby cart”. I can neither confirm nor deny the questionable things we had to do to get it on a busy Saturday afternoon. 

This happened on the street behind our old house. Like, right behind our house. So, so sad. 

Kennedy thought these guys were pretty hilarious. 

We checked out the Harry Potter “experience” at the South Town Mall. Much to our disappointment, it was lame. But they did make it snow in Olivanders, so there’s that. 


Grandpa H is so much fun! He sure loves his grandkids. 

This guy... 

And these two...

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Some days my cheeks are sore from smiling back at this super happy, adorable little stud. 

I can’t get enough of him! 

I finally found a balanced breakfast that doesn’t make me sick when I workout. This is HUGE!! (More on that later I’m sure...)

When you sleep like a hamster. 

I love her and her imagination so much!!! 

Found these for the girls for Christmas. I’m so excited!!! 
Blogging has been tough. But don’t give up on me. See you soon! 

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