I haven’t forgotten about you, little blog. I’ve just been forced to simplify my life down to the bare basics right now. 

I have been battling a sudden and severe bout of depression and anxiety. I don’t know what brought it on but I have been having an incredibly hard time the last 10 days or so. 

I’m on new medication and I’m hoping and praying my freaking guts out that it works and works quickly because I have been a mess. I promise to blog about all this after I settle down a bit because I am a HUGE advocate for talking about how postpartum depression and anxiety affect many women and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug. I don’t share my life-story for attention or sympathy, simply so others will know they aren’t alone and the horrible thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing are common. I just can’t yet.  Dwelling on the fear and crippling anxiety sends me into a panic attack and I don’t wanna do that... so I will update the blog when things get better. 

I’ve shut down my social media accounts as well because there’s no stimulant for depression quite like social media. If you are a running client, I’m still receiving Facebook messages and can get those without having to log in, so don’t worry, I’m reachable. 

Like I said, please don’t give up on me or my blog. No one wants me to get back to myself more than I do. See you (hopefully) soon. 

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Amy said...

Praying for you!