I haven’t forgotten about you, little blog. I’ve just been forced to simplify my life down to the bare basics right now. 

I have been battling a sudden and severe bout of depression and anxiety. I don’t know what brought it on but I have been having an incredibly hard time the last 10 days or so. 

I’m on new medication and I’m hoping and praying my freaking guts out that it works and works quickly because I have been a mess. I promise to blog about all this after I settle down a bit because I am a HUGE advocate for talking about how postpartum depression and anxiety affect many women and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug. I don’t share my life-story for attention or sympathy, simply so others will know they aren’t alone and the horrible thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing are common. I just can’t yet.  Dwelling on the fear and crippling anxiety sends me into a panic attack and I don’t wanna do that... so I will update the blog when things get better. 

I’ve shut down my social media accounts as well because there’s no stimulant for depression quite like social media. If you are a running client, I’m still receiving Facebook messages and can get those without having to log in, so don’t worry, I’m reachable. 

Like I said, please don’t give up on me or my blog. No one wants me to get back to myself more than I do. See you (hopefully) soon. 


Random Acts of Camera Roll (Mega-picture edition)

When your 6 year old insists on watching Stranger Things with you...

Museum of Natural History when my brother was here. 

Diggin for bones. 

It’s like herding cats. 

But put on a movie and they’ll all be best friends. I seriously love this picture, especially the nose picking. 

3.5 years ago...

And now...

One more from the museum. 

Sometimes they fight like she-devils. And sometimes they’re perfect angels. 


I bought this onesie for my nephew who passed away at 22 weeks gestation. Now when Logan wears it it’s a small tribute to him. Plus, it’s freaking awesome! 

It was Saturday morning and I decided to clean the house, so naturally it was also make-a-fort-and-bring-out-every-toy-we-own-to-put-in-the-fort-and-rearrange-all-the-furniture-to-make-Mom-cry day. 

3 kids is EXHAUSTING. At least while one is still a baby. But they’re definitely worth it. 

Highly, HIGHLY requested “baby cart”. I can neither confirm nor deny the questionable things we had to do to get it on a busy Saturday afternoon. 

This happened on the street behind our old house. Like, right behind our house. So, so sad. 

Kennedy thought these guys were pretty hilarious. 

We checked out the Harry Potter “experience” at the South Town Mall. Much to our disappointment, it was lame. But they did make it snow in Olivanders, so there’s that. 


Grandpa H is so much fun! He sure loves his grandkids. 

This guy... 

And these two...

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Some days my cheeks are sore from smiling back at this super happy, adorable little stud. 

I can’t get enough of him! 

I finally found a balanced breakfast that doesn’t make me sick when I workout. This is HUGE!! (More on that later I’m sure...)

When you sleep like a hamster. 

I love her and her imagination so much!!! 

Found these for the girls for Christmas. I’m so excited!!! 
Blogging has been tough. But don’t give up on me. See you soon! 


Logan’s Blessing

It’s taken me almost a week to blog about this because every time I try, I feel soooooo guilty (reason to be discussed further on) I just delete it and pretend it didn’t happen. Third child problems are real, folks. 

We blessed Logan last weekend. That should be the important part - that he received his blessing - but I was sick and in such a funk, and Cory was... well... Cory.... so we forgot to get any pictures of him with our family, or our extended family. I know, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but he will be the only child without some and that makes me feel terrible. I can see the future now: “Mom, where are the pictures of MY blessing day?” Waaahhhh!!!! 

Anyway, we did get some of him in sacrament meeting because he was smiling so cutely (like he always does) that we almost died haha, so there’s that. And I stole a couple pics our families took of him. Logan, when you read this in 10 years, please know that Mom and Dad are so, so sorry and we love you more than you know! 

Cory gave a wonderful blessing and we were able to have a lot of family there. The priesthood circle was bigger than it’s ever been for one of our kids which made me super duper happy. And my brother in Wyoming was even able to make it out! I’m very grateful for the gospel in my life and that it’s important to so many others in our family. No one ever said religion would be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. 

We had a potato bar at our house afterward where I learned sweet potatoes and russet potatoes do not, in fact, bake the same. The sweet potatoes turned to mush. But the other ones turned out just fine and everyone got to eat and enjoy themselves. 

The only grandsons on the Hunter side 

I’m so glad my brother and his family could come! I sure miss them. 

Logan is such a special little guy. I swear there has never been a happier baby born. He just hangs out where ever he is and just smiles and coos at everything and everyone. I mean, he has his moments where he cries, but I’d say 90% of the time he’s just a sweet little gem. We love him so, so much. 



What’s up, November?! Who the crap let you in?? 

Like, seriously though, where. Did. The. Time. Go?? Christmas is next month! Normally I’ve got half my shopping done at this point but this year I’m still stuck in Labor Day. Ah!! We’ll get it though. Somehow Santa will get the memo. I promise. 

But first, Halloween!! Brynlie has only been asking for it for 4 months straight. It finally came. And just like that, it was over. The excitement was kind of squashed by it being a school night. Big thumbs down. But, we still had fun. 

B got to go to preschool and trick-or-trick around the area with all the kids. 

When I picked her up her bucket was “too heavy” for her to carry. To be fair, she did get a ridiculous amount of loot. And it was only 11:00 am! 

Kennedy had her schools costume parade and 1st grade singing program. 

I kinda get the feeling the people behind her are talking about us? Haha they’re my neighbors. So it’s all good. 

It’s only taken 6 years, but Kennedy actually sang along with the Halloween songs!!! I literally couldn’t believe it. I almost started crying - which would have been super weird during songs about ghosts and goblins - but I held it together. She didn’t know every word to every song, but she sang parts of every song they did; and guys, they did a lot! 

She has never participated in a musical program before. For some reason she is insanely shy when it comes to singing. So this was a huge deal! It gives me a glimmer of hope that she will do something during the primary program when it happens. 

The rest of the day was kinda lame. We killed time until it was a respectable hour to go trick-or-treat. My brother and little Allison joined us. I’m so glad they did because she had a total and complete blast! She was so into it!! It was freaking adorable. 

Such cute little witches. 

We have an alarming amount of candy now. Way more than any 6 or 3 year old should have. Our neighborhood is super generous apparently because we only lasted an hour before we made it back home and we have two huge bowls full of candy. 

As we got in bed that night I occurred to me we didn’t take a single picture or Logan the whole day! 3rd child problems are real. I didn’t want to waste money on a costume, so we just stuck him in his little bear suit that’s for cold weather. 

The one he barely fit in. How did he outgrow it so fast?! 

So our Halloween was pretty good. We never got around to carving pumpkins or doing much else besides trick-or-treating. But I feel like we celebrated a sufficient amount. 

See you soon!