Prepare for Picture Overload

I'm not even going to apologize for the amount of catching up I have to do. I've got the three kids thing down; (Cory even worked nights this past week and I handled it like a champ) but if I try and throw something else into our routine then I just feel totally drained. In theory I should be able to just sit down and blog, but nope. So, lets begin with what happened the past couple weeks.

Kennedy had red ribbon week at her school. One of the days was crazy hair and sock day... By the look on her face, I totally failed at it.
In my mind I saw a Princess Leia thing going on but it clearly did not turn out. Her hair is gorgeous but nearly impossible to get to cooperate. She did come home and have a birthday party immediately after school and didn't want me to take it out before she went, so maybe I didn't totally fail.

Mr. Happy Pants. He's seriously the smiliest.
This was for sale at Costco and I about peed my pants! I have loved every recipe of theirs I have tried.
It wasn't until after we left that I remembered I could get every recipe for free online... oops. But still fun.

Last week was fall break. We wanted to go to Moab and then decided we weren't quite ready for that kind of exhaustion with 3 kids just yet. We opted to stay home and have fun. One day we went to the Living Planet Aquarium with Cory's parents and nephew. It was tons of fun! Cory had never been before and he loved it!
It was insanely crowded. If you know me, you know crowds are one of my least favorite things and majorly stress me out, so I only managed to get a picture of the girls before we went into the 4D movie.

We've been trying to support and cheer on our Utes, but every time we get dressed up, they lose!
But this is so cute I think I might die!
This makes me want to write satirical children's books.
Logan's lashes!!! They get longer by the day, I swear!
I say this every time I blog I think, but I don't know how I would survive without this super helpful, ray of sunshine! I love her so much!
And slightly less helpful, but no less loved, we have Brynlie who keeps us laughing and smiling. And on our toes with her constant head injuries *eye roll* don't mind the bruises on her forehead.
And this occurrence keeps me swearing.
Can you believe this fall?!?! It's been so amazing!!! The weather has been pristine and the leaves just totally breathtaking. And the sunsets haven't been too bad either.
The girls have loved playing in giant leaf piles in my parents yard.

Yesterday they cleaned them up though, and Kennedy almost started crying when she saw they were gone. Way to ruin their lives, Mom.
Don't worry, Kiddo, there will be more.
Gosh, he's so handsome. And has put a spell on me. It's true what they say about mom's and their boys.
And sisters and their brothers.
We attended a trunk or treat this past week. The girls were so excited until we got there and then they turned into little turds. Maybe it was the mob of people that overwhelmed them - I can relate to that - but they hardly smiled and were too timid to walk up to the cars alone. Even when Aunt Lisa showed up and surprised them dressed like a witch, they hardly reacted! She looked amazing! I barely even recognized her!
They got their faces painted and balloons. B promptly popped hers... anyone else not surprised by that?
And every morning since then she has snuck candy for breakfast. Tis the season, I suppose. Maybe by December we can get her up to 30lbs.

Yesterday the weather was incredible, so we decided to go check out the Lagoon Trail in Farmington. We had never been on it but we will definitely be going back!! It was GORGEOUS!! The fall leaves were magical and we had so much fun!
There were even animals at the beginning that we could see.
I'm just going to skim over (for now) the fact that I have a ton of weight to lose. I'm aware. Trust me. And I know it's going to be an insane battle like it always is. I will update on that later. I have lots to say.
There was a little fort in the bushes along the way that the kids, and Cory, couldn't resist playing in.

I wish the pictures did it justice how breathtaking it was!

Someone carved a little chair and a couch out of some fallen logs. They were awesome!

Mindy, when you read this, come to town next fall and lets take our family pictures here, mkay?
Well, that's all for now. See you soon!

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JesseHanson said...

Well nice to see that the children are happy with that and I will be very happy to meet them sometime. I really want that book as I had already seen the preview.