My Heart Breaks for Vegas...

I can not believe what happened in Vegas Sunday night. To make the tragic event even worse, Cory’s sister, Hillary, was at the concert where the shooting was. 

Thankfully, she was ok. She saw and experienced horrific, terrifying things that will stay with her for a long time I’m sure, but she’s home and safe and we are saying many prayers of gratitude. These senseless, horrible things need to stop. And they get even more scary when you have a loved one who was a part of it. When I woke the girls up and thought about how happy I was I didn’t have to wake them up and tell them she was hurt or worse, I completely lost it. My heart aches for those who were affected and for the family members who are planning funerals they weren’t expecting. It’s such a disgusting thing that happened. 

It’s extremely upsetting that we live in such a disturbed world. It’s difficult to not let fear rule our lives as we worry about our safety. I’m still struggling to come to terms with this being our reality and how I’m supposed to raise little souls in such a scary time. But ironically (or rather, because of inspiration) much of General Conference was on just that very thing. I think I’ll go back and listen to the talks again to gain some advice and comfort on how to keep moving with confidence and happiness. Life is supposed to be lived, not just endured, and I don’t want to let the fear and chaos created by a small few take that away from my family or myself. I’ll try to share the things I learn on here. 

Pray for Vegas, and our planet. See you soon. 

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Amy said...

So glad she is safe. So terrible what happened.