I survived

Hey, ya'll!

Still here. Still surviving. 

My first week without Cory started out pretty rough. The postpartum hormones chewed me up and spit me back out again. I cried. A lot. I had crippling anxiety a few times about things I knew in my brain weren't a big deal. I even started to feel some resentment towards Logan which REALLY freaked me out. But I survived. 

After a couple days, my hormones leveled out and I was stable again. And back to loving my little boy so much it hurts. Things are going well so far and he's still a really good baby. 

I started back to work today which didn't last long because our car died. Waaahhhhh!!!! Looks like it needs a new alternator. But it felt good to matter again. 

Brynlie also had her first day of speech and she was so cute!! She jumped right in and answered every question the lady threw at her and wasn't shy at all. It made me so happy!! She starts preschool this week, too, so I'm also really excited for her to have that to help her. 

Everyone is doing well and loving on the little brother. Especially during his diaper changes. They can't wait to see if he pees. 

And some Sunday/church handsomeness for ya'll. 

He's 3 weeks old now! Crazy! Give me another couple weeks and then hopefully I'll be ready to get back to normal blogging and normal life. "Normal" life with 3 kids now. Wowzers. See you soon. 

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