Tooth Hurty and Witches

It's possible I may have blocked out Kennedy cutting teeth being a major problem, but I can't recall any horrible times. I think? Anyway, she's currently getting her 6 year molars - or I guess I should say she's getting one of them - and oh my word! It's causing her so much grief! She even came home early from school on Friday because it was bothering her so bad. And she's got 3 more left to go! 

On top of that she's caught some kind of sick bug and has been miserable! Between her and Logan I was up way too often last night for comfort. Zombie, anyone? 
And I'm constantly saying a prayer that Logan won't catch anything. 

She did wake up feeling alright this morning (I didn't know she was sick just yet) so we braved the cold and headed to Gardner Village with my mom to see the witches. 

I've always wanted to do the pony rides but for whatever reason we've never made it happen until today. The girls just ate it up!! 

Brynlie has been obsessed with horses lately. 

Kennedy rode Blackie. 

And B got to ride Spirit. 

And their tour guide had them both grinning from ear to ear. He was awesome! 

The weather got pretty cold and then Kennedy just kind of lost it and we discovered she is in fact, sick. So our weekend took a quick turn to sad and boring. We got home and she crashed in her bed. I feel so bad for her! I hope it passes soon. Just when I felt like I was getting the hang of life, I get thrown a curve ball. This too shall pass. See you soon! 


Newborn Photos!!

We finally got our newborn photos back!! I am so in love! Our Mr. Handsome is so photogenic I had a really hard time picking out my favorites. But I have plenty to share with you. The only thing I would change is wishing I wasn't still all swollen and big from retaining so much fluid. But, whatever. There's worse things in life. Enjoy!


What A Week

Hello, again! 

It's been a rough week. Well... the first part was pretty rough. Last Monday Cory picked up an extra shift and was gone the whole day. That was the day our car died. He spent the entire day on Tuesday fixing it, so he was basically gone the whole day again. Wednesday afternoon he started night shifts (something I've been dreading since we found out we were pregnant) and the whole morning was MIA again mowing the lawn and doing all the stuff he planned to do Tuesday. So I had already started his 4 days of nights being alone for 3 days earlier than I had planned on. By the time he was ready to go, I was a sobbing mess. My hormones were still out of control and I was petrified!! 

I won't lie, it was rough. I was so freaking lonely and exhausted. I've never had to take care of 3 kids all alone before, much less being the only one getting up to feed him at night. Props to you nursing moms. I have zero idea how you survive. Literally. I also started to view our house as an insane asylum. If I had to spend another minute there alone I was going to die. 

Friday morning I went to the gym and did a light, 20 minutes worth of a workout. I actually felt super great!! I was doing exercises it took months to be able to do after I had Brynlie because of ligament pain. So that helped boost my mood. 

My parents were heading to Hyrum Reservoir for the weekend to camp and since I was going crazy at home, I decided to haul all three kids up there alone and join them for the weekend. If I was already doing everything on my own, I might as well be getting out and letting the girls have some fun, too. I thought maybe I was totally crazy for thinking it was a good idea. But it turns out, it was just what the doctor ordered. 

There's very little Kennedy loves more than camping. And staying in Grandma's trailer was just an added bonus. And a HUGE thank you to my mom for putting up with us and helping me. Seriously. I don't think she realizes how much she saved us. 

Logan was a natural camper. Even in the cold and rain. He seriously was sooooo good. Maybe he needed to get out of the house, too? 

Saturday the weather was perfect fall weather. We went to the Willow Park Zoo in Logan and had a lot of fun. 

The petting zoo wasn't open, but thanks to my Dad's buddy, Tommy, all the goats came over anyway so the girls could pet them while they investigated the animal that was somehow not caged up. This made Kennedy's day. 

They had a super random assortment of animals, but it was a lot of fun for the cheap admission price. And a worker even brought out a reindeer the kids got to pet!! 

After the zoo we had lunch at the Blue Bird (so good!!) then headed back to camp for naps and games. 

The rest of the time was spent taking short drives and just hanging out, which was tons of fun and relaxing. 

I'm not sure if it was getting away or if my hormones are finally settling down, but ever since then I've been MUCH better. I'm super tired, but I'm not crying all the time and having tons of extreme anxiety anymore. *knock on wood*. I'm thinking I can handle this "single parent" stuff as it comes up when the hubs is working. Man, babies are tough!! 

I started going back to the gym yesterday and I was even able to run a little!! Ah!! But this morning I woke up not feeling super hot, so I've been downing the emergence-c and tea like crazy and just rested because I can't handle doing this while being sick. Not yet, anyway. Unless someone wants to come be my nanny. For free haha. So let's hope it doesn't turn into anything serious. 

I keep bringing up the hard parts of this because I want people to know they aren't alone and it's ok to talk about the times when life kinda sucks. Sure babies are sweet and completely steal your heart, but they are no walk in the park. Sometimes I wanna shout that from the rooftops. 

But at the same time, they're worth every single moment. And not all moments are hard. I'm so grateful for my blessing to be a mother and to have three sweet spirits who call me Mom. 

See you soon. 


I survived

Hey, ya'll!

Still here. Still surviving. 

My first week without Cory started out pretty rough. The postpartum hormones chewed me up and spit me back out again. I cried. A lot. I had crippling anxiety a few times about things I knew in my brain weren't a big deal. I even started to feel some resentment towards Logan which REALLY freaked me out. But I survived. 

After a couple days, my hormones leveled out and I was stable again. And back to loving my little boy so much it hurts. Things are going well so far and he's still a really good baby. 

I started back to work today which didn't last long because our car died. Waaahhhhh!!!! Looks like it needs a new alternator. But it felt good to matter again. 

Brynlie also had her first day of speech and she was so cute!! She jumped right in and answered every question the lady threw at her and wasn't shy at all. It made me so happy!! She starts preschool this week, too, so I'm also really excited for her to have that to help her. 

Everyone is doing well and loving on the little brother. Especially during his diaper changes. They can't wait to see if he pees. 

And some Sunday/church handsomeness for ya'll. 

He's 3 weeks old now! Crazy! Give me another couple weeks and then hopefully I'll be ready to get back to normal blogging and normal life. "Normal" life with 3 kids now. Wowzers. See you soon. 


Picture's Update

Oh, heeeeyyyyy! 

Logan is still a very good and very adorable little dude. And we are still obsessed with him. 

I remember in his ultrasound he had his hands by his face. We've noticed he still likes to keep them there when he's sleeping. 

We did go to Wheeler Farm this past week which was a super huge highlight for B. 

Logan slept through it all like a good little newborn. 

And his first wagon ride. 

Everyone is still doing well. One more day before I have to fly solo again. 

But hopefully the girls will be willing to help. 

They sure love their brother. 

Again, the hand... haha love it! 

Until I have something cool to write about, we'll see you soon!