Exciting Changes!!

I've been keeping a little secret that I'm excited to finally share....

I am officially a certified running coach!!! 

This whole process actually started way back in March. While talking to a friend she suggested I should be a running coach. I honestly laughed when I read the text (sorry, M!) because I thought "There's no way I could be a coach! I'm not even a fast runner!" Being any kind of running/fitness instructor has always been my "dream job",  but I've never had time or money to pursue it. The more we talked the more I day-dreamed about how awesome it would be to help people reach their running goals but I still felt terribly under qualified.  

But she definitely put a bug in my ear. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. I do have a lot of running experience and knowledge that I've gained over the the last 7 years of my running life. And I may not be naturally super fast, but maybe that's a reason for people who are more on my level to want to hire me; it wouldn't be quite as intimidating. And the only thing that set me apart from coaches was they studied and passed a test. I could do that. Right? 

I started to look into it. There are several ways to get certified and some are definitely more "prestigious" than others. I came across the American Sports and Fitness Association website and found it the most affordable. It wasn't the USATF or the RRCA that most people go through, but running science is running science regardless of who you take the test through. I figured this was a great place to start and ordered the required books to pass the course. 

I actually finished the books in mid-April and was super excited to take the test. But during this time we were very tight financially and it kept getting put off and put off. Long story short, I was finally able to take the test yesterday and passed with flying colors!! 

I opted for the one year certification to kind of test the waters. I really have no idea how successful I'm going to be. It's possible this will be a flop. But I have learned so much through this process and I am SUPER excited to put that knowledge to good use for anyone interested, and myself. Once I'm able to run again I am stoked to see how much I can improve just in myself. 

Since I'm also super involved in weight training and heavy lifting, I also want to be a unique coach who incorporates both into training plans for those who want it. Once I get a few more things ready I plan on creating a website where people can purchase difference services and get this thing going. I think it'll be slow at first since the running season is almost over, but you never know. 

But first things first, I've gotta get this baby out. Like, NOW. I am officially in survival mode you guys. I feel like crap every single day - exhausted, sick to my stomach, hard to breathe, dizzy, in pain - and I just don't care about anything anymore. My poor kids... oh my poor kids!!! I can't think of them without crying. I'm so mean and so tired, but whenever I try to change that I just feel worse and get meaner and more tired. The TV has raised them this summer and I'm not even afraid to admit that. Everything they do drives me crazy and the less we do the more bored they get and the more they fight and drive me insane. I don't know if I can make it to the end of this stupid pregnancy. Oh little Logan, please be a good baby!! PLEASE!! Your Mommy needs a major break! 

Ok, I-hate-pregnancy-rant over. I'm just beyond done. See you soon. 

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Amy said...

Way to go! That's so awesome!