Just Had To Jot This Down

I 100% don't think I could ever survive without this amazing man. 

He is my guardian angel. My pain has been getting slightly better each day, but still much worse than it ever was before the game. I'm hoping it'll continue to get better,  but if it doesn't, I know I'm in good hands. Right now it's at the same level it was during Brynlie's whole pregnancy. 

Cory has been... I can't even start to think about a word to describe him without crying. Gosh, I feel so undeserving of his love. He has taken such good care of me and has basically taken over everything I usually do around the house without a single complaint. I barely ever have to ask him to do anything. And his girls... I don't think they realize how lucky they are to have such a caring, fun-loving and patient daddy. 

2017 has been a really tough year for us. Our family has been put through the ringer, but I feel like it has only made us stronger. I think we've learned to put aside our complaints and "it's-not-fairs" and we've stopped turning to other people for help and advice and have leaned on each other. He's always been my best friend but lately I feel closer than ever. And so dang grateful for him and his companionship. 

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