Pregnancy Update

My pain has been manageable. Yay! I'm still taking it really easy until I know for sure it's not going to get worse again. But now I've been fighting nausea and headaches as well as digestive distress. In short, I just haven't felt well the last few days. I'm going to give it a few more days and if it doesn't get better I'll call my doctor. 

Speaking of, I met with my new doctor and I really like him. So I feel much better about this whole delivery thing. He did tell me to take extra iron supplements so I'm waiting to see if low iron is why I've been feeling crummy before I worry. I've definitely had more energy since I've started taking them, and that was only yesterday. Fingers crossed. 

He's still moving a lot and I get to feel his feet with my hands quite frequently. Last night in the bath I felt an entire limb. It was cool! He sure is a twitchy little guy so it'll be interesting to see his movements outside of the womb. 

I plan on taking nursery photos once we finish it, but here's some sneak peaks of things I've made and hung up recently. 

I originally wanted the room to be more Moab and Jeep themed, but that hasn't panned out. But, I do plan on adding some Moab flare and that's the last "decor" thing I need to take care of. We still need to touch up paint and get some window treatments in there. The window treatments are first on the priority list. Privacy is kind of important. 

Life Update

It occurred to me after we stepped foot in Walmart and saw all the back-to-school supplies that school starts in less than 4 weeks. What the crap?! How did that sneak up on me so fast? I haven't even considered that we might need to start doing some school-shopping soon. 

We picked up a lunch box for Kennedy since she will now be at school all day!!! She was sooooo excited!!! 

And we got to see who her teacher will be. According to staff I know, she got the best of the best. I hope she has an amazing year! But seeing her listed as grade one literally made me cry. I'm going to miss her so much it hurts. 

She has always been my amazing helper and she never complains about it. Although lately I will ask Kennedy to help me with something and Brynlie tries to do it first, so maybe B will step up and I won't be without a wingman. 

Getting them to bed lately though has been a CHALLENGE!! I don't know if it's because it's not fully dark or they just enjoy torturing me, but most of the time they won't fall asleep for at least an hour and a half after we put them to bed. And that time isn't without interruptions. I saw this the other day and laughed because it's truer than true. 

I keep mentioning how bad I feel that my kids summer has sucked. This week especially has been extra lame due to me resting as much as possible. In fact Kennedy talked to my mom on the phone today and my mom asked her if they've had a fun week and she said, "uh...." and then trailed off like she didn't dare say anything more. 

But I've tried to let them be messier than normal and play with more things I usually feel need supervision just so they don't plot my murder to escape their boredom. 

In fact, today, between loads of laundry, I gave them little pedicures. They LOVED it!! Can you believe she's 3 and still fits perfectly in the Bumbo? It was her styling chair. I weighed her at the gym the other day and she only weighs 28lbs. she's a string bean! 

They both held very still and were fun little "clients". It was the only time I've ever clipped their toe nails without them complaining. 

Brynlie picked pink sparkles and Kennedy went with gold glitter. 

We have recently discovered that we all enjoy watching American Ninja Warrior together. Kennedy has always been proud of how strong she is and keeps working hard to learn new things, so it's right up her alley. Sometimes she does pull ups in her room off her bunk bed. Today she was doing push ups, on her feet, and touching her nose to the ground every time! And she's also been trying to walk on her hands but she doesn't quite have it yet. She really is a tough little monkey and I 100% encourage her to keep working hard and trying new things. I love that she wants to be strong and love what her body is capable of doing. 

Brynlie has recently started to mimick her, so I love that she's enthralled in the show as well. Today I turned it on and she came running in the room, gasped really loud and screamed, "I LOVE this show!!" It was super adorable. All 3 of us sat and watched it for longer than I care to admit. K gets really invested in their personal stories, too, and gets so disappointed if they don't make it. She's like a man watching football with how much she yells encouragement at the TV.  

Once I shut it off the girls started making obstacle courses out of the furniture... I'm going to need to be careful about them copying what they see on tv. Then they both wanted to show me their "strong pose". 

First was Kennedy. 

And then Brynlie... LOL

Her face!!! I die laughing every time I look at this picture. I need to blow it up and stick it on the wall during delivery so I can be inspired to stay strong hahaha. Oh man, she cracks me up. 

Well that's all for today. A boring post for a boring week. But, August has a lot of things coming up so hopefully I'll have more to talk about as the month unfolds. See you soon! 


Just Had To Jot This Down

I 100% don't think I could ever survive without this amazing man. 

He is my guardian angel. My pain has been getting slightly better each day, but still much worse than it ever was before the game. I'm hoping it'll continue to get better,  but if it doesn't, I know I'm in good hands. Right now it's at the same level it was during Brynlie's whole pregnancy. 

Cory has been... I can't even start to think about a word to describe him without crying. Gosh, I feel so undeserving of his love. He has taken such good care of me and has basically taken over everything I usually do around the house without a single complaint. I barely ever have to ask him to do anything. And his girls... I don't think they realize how lucky they are to have such a caring, fun-loving and patient daddy. 

2017 has been a really tough year for us. Our family has been put through the ringer, but I feel like it has only made us stronger. I think we've learned to put aside our complaints and "it's-not-fairs" and we've stopped turning to other people for help and advice and have leaned on each other. He's always been my best friend but lately I feel closer than ever. And so dang grateful for him and his companionship. 


Our Amazing Luck Continues...

Last night was family night at the Bee's game for Cory's work. He had 8 free tickets that came with a free hot dog, chips, and a drink. We invited my brother Collin and his family to join us since we only needed 4 of the tickets. There were also fireworks after the game! Yay! 

I had been looking forward to this for weeks. Free family fun; even if it was another 100 degree day. Luckily the sun was hidden behind clouds for most of the time it was up which was awesome cause our seats were about as east as you could get before the grass. But hey, they were free! 

We were having a great time. The designated hitter for the opposing team kept launching hard and fast foul balls into our section. They were coming so fast it was a little scary, but we were vigilant and there were lots of adults around with mitts hoping to catch one. 

A short while later he got up to bat again and I told Cory, "Here comes the guy who tried to kill us all last time, so we gotta watch out." I looked over and noticed that a lot of people had moved seats since last time he batted and our kids and Allison, my niece, were basically sitting out in the open. I thought to myself how awful it would be if one of the balls hit one of them and was going to keep a close eye. 

The next pitch he took came flying low and hard towards us, but we didn't see it until it was too late... my thought I had not even 30 seconds before came true... the ball flew right past Allison and slammed into the side of Brynlie's head. I heard the section behind us scream and gasp and Brynlie started to scream. The ball hit her so hard it knocked her to the ground. 

Cory picked her up as the lady behind us yelled, "take her straight to medical!!" And he was off before I even got to see her or where the damage was. I told Kennedy to stay with Collin and Natalie and I frantically took off after Cory. All I cared about was catching up to them. I could hear her wailing as I kept watching him get further and further away. I bolted up the stairs and somehow started running after him. 

When I reached the top I saw Cory running with two security personnel in front of him yelling at everyone to get out of the way. I ran as fast as I could to get to them but never fully caught up. All I could hear was Brynlie screaming and kept seeing the shocked and frightened faces of the people Cory had passed. I was FREAKED OUT! I felt the pit in my stomach build as I kept thinking, "please let her be ok, please let her be ok!!" Cory told me today he was thinking the same thing. 

We finally reached the first aid room and I was able to catch up with them but was so tired I got in the room and collapsed on the bench. The medics examined her head, checked her pupils and asked her a bunch of questions, and looked in her ears. They gave us an ice pack to apply to where she was hit. I was trying my best not to cry and I was terribly out of breath so I didn't do much but watch as they worked. 

The ball ended up hitting her at the top of her ear. Her ear was super swollen and red (still is today) and she's developing a pretty bruise right behind it. They watched her for a while and I had to fill out medical forms but it was looking like she was ok for now. They asked us if we wanted an ambulance but we didn't think it was that necessary. They gave us a list of things to watch for in case it ended up being a major injury that just hadn't manifested itself yet. 

After we calmed down we thanked the medical staff and decided to go sit back down and watch her closely. Her head was (and is) very tender and she was really shaken up. As soon as we headed down the stairs to our seats our whole section started standing up and asking us if she was ok. I just walked down giving a thumbs up to everyone haha. After we sat down people kept coming and talking to us to make sure she was alright. It was very sweet. Apparently it scared a lot of people, not just us. 

This picture looks like I couldn't care less she's hurt but I was calling my mom because I tell her everything the moment it happens. Her little face breaks my heart. 

The good news is, we got the foul ball that tried to kill her! And this picture is soooooo sad. 

But today she's carrying it around like a souvenir and keeps asking to play baseball, so it must not have turned her off to the sport entirely. 

After the excitement settled down and my adrenaline emptied, I realized that I was in excruciating pain in my ligaments. It just kept getting worse and worse and I realized that my running after Cory and B was absolutely not a good idea -- even though it was instinct and I wouldn't have done anything differently. 

We were able to enjoy the rest of the game (it was tied for 6 innings and the Bee's won in the bottom of the 9th with a home run!!) and there were fireworks afterward which everyone enjoyed; except Allison who got really scared by them. I felt bad. We had ash raining down on us so Kennedy pulled out her safety glasses. 

Once we stood up to leave though I was met with ripping, shooting pain through my hips and groin and knew I was in trouble. Luckily we had parked really close and the walk wasn't that long, but I could barely even get in the car. 

We got home and I could hardly walk into the house. We got the kids ready for bed and noticed B was having issues keeping her balance. We were really worried but it was also 11:00pm and she was exhausted so we decided to see how she was in the morning. 

I tried getting into our bed and started sobbing with the amount of pain I was in. I couldn't roll over or move my legs in the slightest without horrible, horrible pain. With Cory's help I was able to find a tolerable position and tried to fall asleep. 

Neither of us slept well last night. We were both so worried about Brynlie and Cory kept checking on her. I was hurting all night long. I tried getting up at 3 am to use the restroom and couldn't walk without heavily holding on to our bed and furniture. It took me 5 minutes to go 10 feet. No joke. 

Brynlie seems ok today. Her head is very tender but mentally she's acting totally normal and her balance seems to be back. She's had such a rough summer, but through everything so far she's been protected because it could have been so much worse!! 

I, however, am still in tons of pain. I can barely walk around the house. Tylenol helps me walk without support but it still hurts a lot and I have to walk super slow. As soon as it wears off I can barely move. We were supposed to speak in sacrament meeting today and I didn't think I could even make it to the building, much less the pulpit. Cory gave me a blessing and I was able to give my talk but the pain hasn't subsided. 

I am hoping that Brynlie continues to be ok and that my pain is just soreness that will heal over the next few days and not actual damage that will be here for the rest of this pregnancy. Not being able to walk is kind of a big deal. I'll keep you updated. 

Overall we had a great time at the game and now we have a pretty crazy story to tell. I'm so glad it wasn't worse. I'm pretty sure we're going to put her in a helmet and wrap her in bubble wrap for the duration of her life though. I'm sick of close calls. I can't take the stress. 

See you soon! 


Didn't See That Coming

It has been a rough few days. 

I found out Wednesday night that my OB/GYN was arrested!!

He has always been such a great man and an even better doctor. As more details have emerged in what he's accused of, it gets even more impossible to wrap my head around. It's like split personalities from the man I know and trusted. I can't speculate on whether he's guilty or not. I keep hoping it's a horrible mix up. But it's also going to be super disturbing if he gets convicted. 

Either way, it has meant that with 7 weeks left, I had to find a new doctor. Dr Ward delivered the girls and he knew my situation with this pregnancy, so that makes me nervous. And sad. But I found one that most people like who delivers at the same hospital. I have my 34 week appointment with him on Thursday next week and I've been told he's a good listener, so hopefully I can address the concerns I have. 

It's been pretty stressful and really upsetting to see someone I trusted in the public light for something so disgusting. But I believe in innocent until proven guilty, so we will see what ends up happening. 

I also found out today that my running friend Robert, who I've talked about on my blog before, has a brain tumor and it's not looking good. He's currently in surgery to see if it's a glioblastoma, which would be terrible news. He's one of the toughest and nicest persons I've had the privilege of knowing. 

I first met him during the Big Cottonwood half in 2015. I was sooooo done and he helped me to the finish line and wouldn't let me quit. We've been friends ever since. 

If you have some extra prayers to send his way for him and his family, that would be amazing. I'm heartbroken. He's Canadian, and our running group has been rallying behind him in amazing ways. We're all trying to wear gray and the red maple leaf to honor him. I'm going to buy this tank top to wear and #fightlikeRobert. Gray is the color for brain cancer. 

And lastly, I've been trying really hard not to swear lately, but this freaking weather has made that really hard!!!!! Make it stop!!! 

I check it every day and I swear the "cool down" is just made up because it keeps getting pushed back a day each morning I check. Yesterday, Sunday was supposed to be 100 degrees and Monday was supposed to be cooler. The day before that, Sunday was supposed to be a cooler day. It's a conspiracy!! This summer sucks! 

In happy news, it's my Daddy's birthday today and we're having a party for him tonight. I'll try to remember to take pictures and blog about it all another day. See you soon! 


Kids and Rocks

I get asked a lot how I'm feeling these days. This should sum it up. 

I'm not really joking when I say I feel like I've been pregnant for 3 years. It literally feels like that. And I feel like I have another year to go. Time isn't passing in a way that mathematically makes sense. I swear at the beginning of July I had 8 weeks left. Now it's July 18th and I still have 8 weeks left. How on earth does that happen?! This last end stretch of pregnancy is pure torture. 

I have a lot of pictures of my kids to share with you because they're pretty much all I interact with these days. A few weeks ago Cory's parents took the girls to the aquarium for the day. They had so much fun! 

Cory and I planned to finish painting the nursery while they were gone. It didn't happen, but it is mostly done now. No pictures yet because the stupid tape ripped off a ton of paint when we pulled it up so we have a lot of touch ups to do. It made me swear. I'll admit it. But we did get this up! 

Cory has never been so eager to help me hang up anything before. It took maybe 5 minutes but after it was up we both just stood back looking at it and smiling. A boy. It's so weird! 

I'm on bi-weekly checkups now and they're always the same. "How are you feeling? Any contractions? Any heartburn? Still feeling him move around a lot? See you in two weeks." But at my last appointment we discovered a kids workout video on the patient room tablet and the girls got a major kick out of it while we waited. 

They have been both really challenging lately and really helpful. I think they're just bored. They're having the lamest summer. But there's not much I can do to change that. 

One thing I have appreciated is each morning they go get their own milk cups and cuddle together in their own beds and watch kids YouTube until I get up, which hasn't been as early as usual lately. 

I have some guilt in the back of my brain somewhere, but mostly I've been living it up cause I know my days of sleeping in are limited. Even before the babe comes we have to get back into the routine of waking up at 7:30 for school. But in the meantime, I've loved and needed the extra zzzz's. And they get along so well first thing in the morning, usually. 

We left the house in the 100+ degree heat the other day to go get a diaper genie from Babies R Us. It was the highlight of their week. See? Worst. Summer. Ever. 

Even the fan at the gym is more fun than Mom is these days haha. 

At least we get to go swimming every now and then. If I had access to a free pool, we would go every single day. 

And speaking of fans, I keep freezing them out in the car with the AC. I don't even feel bad about it. 

On our Diaper Genie excursion we discovered that the Babies R Us was part of a Toy's R Us as well... so you can imagine how much "fun" that was for me trying to get in and out quickly with just the one item we needed haha. We did pass a $10 kit to make your own necklaces and bracelets and I figured that was a good at home activity they would enjoy. 

Kennedy got right to work and made me a necklace first thing. Brynlie broke it within 24 hours. 

Even though it's disgustingly hot, I've been trying to enjoy a bubble bath as many nights as I can. 

Just like swimming, it's the only time I don't feel that pregnant and the warm water helps ease a lot of the pain and discomfort I'm feeling. 

I was looking at our wedding photos the other day and couldn't stop smiling at how freaking happy Cory looks in every single picture. 

That really was such a fantastic day. I love the twinkle in his eyes!

For months now Kennedy has been begging to take the drive up to the "big balls" (feel free to giggle if you're immature like us) aka, the observatories at the top of Farmington Peak. Saturday we decided it was a good idea. We took the really long way though, up Skyline Drive in Bountiful and all the way to the peak. It took a few hours but it was fun, except being bounced around on the dirt roads got pretty painful. I love the view at the top!

There was even still quite a bit of snow which all three of my children quickly took advantage of. 

They started throwing snowballs...

But then at one point I guess Kennedy started throwing rocks and accidentally nailed Brynlie right in the back of the head! We both heard a hollow, gross sounding "thunk" and then Brynlie screamed "ow!" and started crying. Kennedy has a naturally good arm, so she hit her pretty darn hard. Blood started pouring from her head and Cory started to freak out. He picked her up and ran back to the car with Brynlie screaming and blood dripping everywhere. 

I tried to waddle after him to tell him that head wounds bleed worse than anything else but he was too fast. Luckily we have a first aid kit in the car and we were able to get the bleeding stopped. She didn't need stitches thank goodness, but she does have a pretty large bump on her head where it happened. 

Kennedy felt terrible and kept saying "I said I was sorry!" We told her we knew it was an accident but that's why we've always told her not to throw rocks when people are around. Maybe now she will get the point? 

We were able to go swimming yesterday and decided to take Kennedy's floaties off and teach her how to swim. We've never gotten around to swim lessons so we figured it's up to us. Within 10 minutes she was doggy paddling on her own and can now float on her back! Cory also taught her how to breathe out her nose so water doesn't go up it. And did I mention it took my mom showing her ONE time how to tie her shoes and she got it? She is so smart when it comes to hands on things. 

Well friends, I've gotta go peel potatoes for dinner. Most of our dinners these days have been processed, easy to throw from the freezer to the oven kind of meals. Tonight I'm actually making real food. Wish me luck. 

See you soon! 


Randomness and This Stupid Weather

Holy crap, this heat!! It's been above 100 degrees the last few days which is miserable anyway, but it's been killing me. I never thought I would wish the summer away... but here I am. Or at least the ridiculous temperatures. I almost feel like we're preparing for the zombie apocalypse because we have all our provisions and we're hunkered down in the house, waiting for the horribleness to pass us by.

Dear July, stop being such a douche.

My mom gave Kennedy a microscope for her birthday. She loves bugs and collecting "special things" as she calls them, and now she can look at them super magnified. But first, some specimen collecting was required.

They managed to find some dead ants and stored them in the little bottle. Kennedy even had me label it "ant" so we would know. 
And for the record, I draw the line at spiders. She tried to bring a dead one in the house the other day and I just couldn't allow that. *shudder*

It's been pretty fun to see random things close up. She's really enjoyed playing scientist and I love watching her mind work and grow. 

In case you were wondering, this is why I despise Goldfish crackers.
How they always manage to get everywhere is beyond me. I swear we always have enough spilled in our car on any given day that we could survive in there for a week if we had to. I hate them!! 

The other night we were feeling bad that the girls and Cory hadn't seen any fireworks. We decided to venture out to the Eaglewood Golf Course Fireworks in North Salt Lake. We were able to park right at the clubhouse because we had my dad and his handicapped pass. We even found a shady spot like 50 steps from the car! 

We spent our time people watching, which wasn't that hard because we found out the clubhouse is where all the Jr. High and High School kids hang out. That couldn't have been more annoying. I can't tell you how many butt cheeks we saw with all the disgustingly short shorts. We also played some ball with the girls. Kennedy really does have a natural gift for softball. She just needs a little more practice figuring out her mitt. 
And her arm! No matter how far she was from Cory she threw it fast and hard, right to his hands every time. 

Then Brynlie wanted a turn and loved it just as much.

 The wind up....
The fireworks were pretty fun and both girls loved them! Our plan, since we were so close to our car, was to pack up fast and try and get out before the traffic got bad... That didn't happen. First, we had to wait a good 15-20 minutes for the crowds to get out of the way. Then there were 2 accidents apparently that shut down the two main roads down off the hill. We were diverted some insane way out and it took us 2 whole hours to go 2 miles. Our plan failed. Miserably. I got my parents home around 12:30 am and people were still being directed off the hill by police officers. It was a giant mess!! 

This man and his ladies...
They were watching Transformers together (cause that's a normal show any little girl loves to watch) and couldn't possibly watch without being as close to him as possible. It's been great to have more time with him. The only problem is we get used to having him around on his days off, and then he has to work and we miss him terribly! 

I'm 31 weeks pregnant today. I am literally praying that he gets to come early. Even just a little bit. I obviously don't want him so early he doesn't get to come home with us, but 8 weeks away seems so much more manageable than 9. We still have hardly anything ready. I haven't even finished painting his nursery! Mom? Wanna help me?? 

When I think about the impending delivery and aftermath I get really nervous, but mostly I am really excited to just get him out and hold him and be done being pregnant FOREVER!! tick tock, tick tock! haha

And just some proof that she actually does smile once in a while.
Even if it takes making farting noises with flarp to make it happen.

See you soon!