Thoughts on This Summer

This adorable, sweet, one-of-a-kind, ray-of-sunshine has officially advanced from Kindergarten. 
Gosh, she is amazing. I wish everyone could get to know her on a personal level because she really does bring so much warmth and zeal into life. She had a great year and made so much progress! Watching her bloom into such a social person has been the big thing for me. She's made some cute friends and has massively improved her shyness when it comes to talking to adults. We've still got work to do, but she's come leaps and bounds. I love her so much it hurts me. 

Well, in case you live in a cave, it's officially summer. This has been made painfully clear through social media. I get so tired of the bragginess that happens on there, but especially this summer, stuff that I would normally find mildly annoying, has been really difficult for me. I'm seriously considering a social media break until this baby comes. 

It's been so hard for me because I am extremely limited this summer on the fun we can have. I am a person who thrives on getting out and having fun, making memories with my kids, and being adventurous. That won't be the case this year and it not only kills me, it makes me feel like a terrible mother knowing our kids won't have something amazing to look forward to every day. Every time we drive by Lagoon and the girls beg to go, I almost cry explaining to them (yet again) that we didn't get passes this year. I feel like I'm crushing their hopes and dreams. I know that sounds so stupid. I know it. It's one summer. But when you're feeling bad already and then get on social media and see everyone else doing the things you wish you could, it's hard. Especially with unstable pregnancy hormones. 

Summer is also my athletic time. I love to hike, run and rock climb. Except for super short hikes, I'll be missing out on that this summer also, which is hard to handle when it's such a passion of mine. Basically, it's going to be the longest summer of my life. I am so ready to be done with this chapter of my life. No more child-birthing. 

I think the biggest thing freaking me out about this summer is killing the boredom. I can't just stay at home all day, but we also can't afford to go out and do crazy expensive things all the time either. I've started making a list of free or cheap things we can do this year that will hopefully help break up the days/weeks, as long as I am able to keep doing those things without pain, sheer exhaustion, or swelling to death in the heat. Pain and exhaustion are the devils advocate to plenty of things on my list. 

The good news is that the upstairs will be done next week and then Cory no longer has that obligation on his days off!! After almost 2 years we will get our Daddy/husband back and he can join us and help me out in these ideas. Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure the girls and I can't take anymore of him being busy. 

I think our biggest thing this summer will be swimming a lot. The kids love it, it keeps me cool, and swimming while pregnant is kind of the best thing to do because you don't feel pregnant in the water. We didn't get a pass to anywhere, and we probably won't, but the local city pools have pretty cheap admission so we will take advantage of that between swimming at pools that belong to friends/family. Today we checked out the Farmington City Pool. I didn't even know it existed, and apparently that's because it is itty bitty! I thought it was kinda lame, but the girls had tons of fun so it was a day well spent. 
I think we will stick to our local pool though. There's more to do and way more space for people to swim. And it's closer. Also, can you guess what? This little outting made me SO TIRED!! Boo!!!!! 

We also took yet another drive up the mountain to kill some time but this time we got out and played in the snow a bit at the top, and Grandma came along for the ride. 
I'm going to have to come up with other alternatives cause these drives are killing my gas consumption and costing me money in car wash fees :). 

Other happenings around our house:
Trying on mom's bra's, completely without coaxing I might add...
Talking to the baby
And watching lots and lots of kids you tube. 

If you have any great ideas for surviving an entire summer of pregnancy with little kids, I would love to hear them! Having some fresh ideas might help cure my anxiety that my kids and I are going to die by the end haha. 

Well, I'm off to bed. Sorry for the complaining-type post, but you know me, always keeping it real. See you soon! 

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