Kennedy Turns 6!

I gush over Kennedy all the time and her happiness and zeal for life. She truly is something special. She had her 6th birthday the other day. Six. I can't really believe it. Seems so much older than five. I keep thinking about her going to first grade and being gone all day and I get super sad. This video makes me cry every time. That song...

Since Cory had to work and her birthday was on a weekday this year, I let her pick two friends to take to a movie. We saw Cars 3, which was MUCH better than Cars 2, and had a lot of fun! 
Well, they did. Brynlie was particularly difficult during the movie and ended up falling asleep on me during the last 10 minutes, which meant I had to carry her out. Good thing she doesn't weigh very much. 

Her cute friends got her some great gifts. One was a tea set that she hasn't let out of her sight since I opened it for her. I've also cleaned up a ton of water spills since haha. 
And she's been so good to share with Brynlie. 
She also got a super soaker that I'm hoping she can use tomorrow and some play dough. We're having a small family party for her this weekend and she's "really excited for more presents". Spoken like a true child. I feel like her actual birthday was so anticlimactic since she already got her bike and we didn't even have cake. Hopefully we can make up for it this weekend. 

In other news, I will finally, finally, FINALLY hit the 30 week mark tomorrow for this pregnancy!!!! The last 10 weeks have felt like an eternity!! I now see the doctor every 2 weeks which I feel like will speed things up. We also have nothing ready at all so I think that'll help speed things up since I've never procrastinated like this before haha. I don't even know where half of our baby stuff is... oops. I'm getting really uncomfortable and my back hurts a lot, but I'm still trucking along. I've managed to stay at the recommended weight gain for pregnancy this time. Can you believe it?! Too bad I started out 30 pounds heavier than usual haha. 

I'm really excited to get this little guy here and meet him. I feel calm that he will be a good baby and I really, really hope that's the case. This is the first baby where Cory will have to work night shifts and that scares me a lot. We've been blessed to have him on straight days each time we have a baby, except this time. So I'm hoping he sleeps well so I don't end up on the news for murder-suicide. 

Well, I'm off to do more cleaning in our house. The basement is looking much better and we're that much closer to finding the stuff we need for this babe. See you soon! 

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