Island Park / Yellowstone Take 2

I noticed this morning that for some reason my whole blog post didn't upload. What the?? So let me continue on... 

Playing with Daddy on the playground 

I LOVE this picture!!

 For some reason Brynlie has been pretty timid when it comes to slides. I think she's been on a few big ones recently that have kind of scared her. But she worked up the courage to do this one on her own and had to show everyone how brave she was. 
Once everyone was ready we went back into the park again. We made a bunch of stops at different things. First was a smaller waterfall (I can't remember the names of most things..)
And some rocks to play on 

Kennedy had her binoculars around her neck almost the whole trip. Any time we were in the car those were glued to her eyes so she could scope out some bears. They also offered a lot of fun with Grandpa. He's so great with them. 
Our next stop was an even bigger waterfall where we got to stand right at the top of it. Watching that water roar past and over the edge was 1) terrifying with children but 2) so amazing! 
Then we had a quick stop for lunch where getting the girls to eat was almost impossible with cool trees to climb on. 
Then we saw the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which was much more breathtaking than the pictures show. 


Can you guess who was grumpy?
After that we stopped at some super stinky bubbling pools and mud pits. 
Kennedy got a massive sliver from the wood railing which we weren't able to get out fully. 
There was a really cool thing called the Dragons Mouth or something like that. It kept steaming and the gases inside the cave sounded just like a dragon breathing fire. Kennedy was 100% sure there was a dragon inside and would not leave until it came out, no matter how many times we told her there wasn't one. 
Our last and farthest stop was Fishing Bridge. I was pretty tired at this point and sat down to rest while everyone else walked the bridge. I was a bump on a log... haha, get it? Ok, lame joke. 
That night around the fire Brynlie FINALLY perked up and started to have some fun! Don't worry, Cory put a stop to the tummy flashing, in case you can't tell by the look on his face. 
The next morning while we were trying to pack up Grandma tried to teach Brynlie how to ride Kennedys old bike. 
She doesn't have it yet. She gets really upset really fast so we will have to work on it when we have more time and more patience. 

We really had a great time. It was the first trip in a long time where everyone from Cory's family was able to come and you could tell they were all just so happy about it. I wish so bad I wasn't pregnant so we could do more fun things this summer. But there is a season for everything I suppose. Two more months about. 

See you soon. 

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