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I've never really liked eggs. I've always forced myself to eat them (you know, since they're how Gaston got so buff and a-hole-ish) but have never enjoyed them. I've recently discovered, however, that farm fresh eggs are kind of the shiz and have been eating more of them.  

Whenever we went and looked at appliances for our home reno I kept insisting our stove needed a center griddle. My intention was pancakes, which ironically I haven't made yet. Cory would always roll his eyes and try to convince me it wasn't necessary, but I knew better. I had this feeling, call it food intuition if you will, that it would be come my best friend. 

Fast forward to getting the stove I wanted with the conversion of loving eggs, and I have kitchen perfection. 
I am so freaking glad we got this griddle cause it cooks my eggs perfectly every time. And breakfast makes me happy. Like, weirdly so. 
Fun fact: toasted Ezekiel English muffins with jam has been my latest pregnancy craving. It's a huge step up from Otter Pops. 

Well folks, we mostly finished our master bathroom yesterday. I seriously cannot believe it. It's usable and we finally have more than 1 toilet!! Let's take a look at what it looked like before:
And the after....


We moved the wall further back to create a shower. We have plans to install a glass shower door sometime in the future but that could mean in 2 weeks or 2 years at this point. You can't really tell, but the wall behind the door was majorly damaged from removing the tile, so we put up some shiplap, which I love. We still need to add some molding around the window (again, someday) and get a medicine cabinet mirror. But... those can wait. 

The "completion" of the bathroom means that our whole upstairs is done!!!! Like any homeowner we have little things here and there to work on, but the huge renovations are at an end for now. At. An. End!!!! Our basement is still scary enough we could host a spook alley for Halloween, but we need a good solid break before diving into another project. I do plan on cleaning it up a bit down there soon, but nothing special. I'm not sure we will even know what to do with ourselves. 

It's been an abnormally hot week so far, and we decided it was a good day for swimming. It only took Brynlie two whole hours to stop whining and crying and start having fun, so there's that. Kennedy is a little minnow and jumped right in and did her thing. She got to play in the "deep end" by herself (of course, I was watching) and made some friends to play with. I waddled around and strutted by beached-whale stuff while trying not to explode from B's incessant whining. We really did have fun eventually, and spent a few hours there, which resulted in slightly burned shoulders for me. 
And my fair-skinned beauties esecaped unscathed. We really should own stock in sunscreen. I feel like we keep them in business. 

On our way out we had to stop at the bouldering room. I won't ever discourage climbing. Ever. 

Kennedy managed to make it to the top, in her flip flops I might add, and was beaming with pride! She even made it back down on her own. 
After she got down she shouted, "Mom, I'm getting so brave!" True dat, my little princess! 

We accidentally left our sour gummy worms in the hot car and discovered those liquify when exposed to extreme heat. So much for eating those! The kids were pretty pissed off about it. 
And speaking of extreme heat, please be careful on hot playgrounds this summer! Our cousins little boy got his skin burned off going down a plastic slide. 
Yikes, right?! Unless you're looking for a unique way to punish your children, stay off slides that are exposed to direct sunlight. 

Swimming tuckered us out, so we came home, showered, threw on our pj's and vegged out for a movie and some snacks. 
I wanted to watch Up, but got outvoted for Harry Potter. 

I wanted to end today's post with this:
I'm trying to have faith that during our current trial/hardship, The Lord is there for us. I feel like this woman a lot lately. I hope sometime soon I can feel The Saviors warm embrace and love as He helps lift us through this time in our life. 

See you soon! 

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Amy said...

That photo of Christ brought tears to my eyes. I love it!