Great Day, Until It Wasn't

I was actually really pumped up to sit down and write a post tonight. We had a pretty great day and I was feeling happy. 

But then like flipping off a switch, our night turned kind of ugly, and I've spent the last hour in tears because I've surpassed the end of my rope on crap I can handle. I feel like I'm drowning. All the time. So my mood has changed substantially, but hopefully by going through what our day consisted of I'll feel better by the end. Let's give it a try. 

Today was a "deadlift party" at my gym. Every once in a while our trainer gets frustrated with everyone's form and has an entire class dedicated to learning, practicing and perfecting deadlift form to prevent injuries. 

I've been reading a ton of fitness books lately -- lots about running (hopefully more on that in the future) and barbell training. I've spent the last couple months really working on my form in a lot of lifts, especially deadlifts and squats. Our goal today, once we had our form down, was to find out our one rep max. He challenged the women to hit 225. I kind of chuckled at that thinking "Well that won't happen while I'm pregnant which kind of sucks." 

My plan for the day was to just keep adding weight, pounding out reps, and trying it out until things started to feel iffy. My doctor is ok with me still doing heavy weight training as long as I am safe. So my plan was to be safe. But I also happened to be feeling really good for some reason. 

Anyway, long and unnecessary story short, I ended up hitting 225lbs. Over and over again. I even felt like I could possibly do more but didn't dare risk it since everyone was being dramatic about me having my baby right then and there haha. I'm kind of embarrassed about how I'm bulging out of my clothing everywhere (and not the good kind of bulge) but pregnancy ain't pretty, alright? 
I felt pretty awesome because I'm fairly certain my last PR was only 205 and that was 1.5 years ago when I wasn't pregnant. And I know I had sucky form back then because I remember it killing my back. Today, no pain at all. Yay!!! I left feeling pretty darn proud of my body and its capabilities and now am feeling it in my glutes and hamstrings.  

Since we didn't have a ton of house things to do today, and Cory was off, we actually got to go do something fun!! We took another drive up the mountain and went on a small hike. 
That man of mine... I love him so much. He is always thinking of our needs and literally killing himself to make sure we are happy. His girls adore him and I love how he takes the time to be a real father for them. At one point I had to pee on the hike and he offered to stay and help me because he was worried I wouldn't be able to get back up. Who does that?! He's so amazing! (I didn't let him, FYI) I don't deserve him and he certainly doesn't deserve the hardships he's been suffering lately. The girls are so much happier when he is home and since he gets to rest from house crap, I'm hoping for more and more family-building time together. I've missed him a lot, too. 

And these two... I love them so much it hurts. 
Playing horsie and having a blast. Kennedy is so freaking patient with Brynlie. She definitely gets that from Cory. 
I'm sorry, guys, I'm pretty physically and emotionally spent tonight so I'm going to end it here and go to bed. See you soon! 

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