We went to check on the girls the night of Brynlie's birthday and saw this sweetness with her new puppy. 
Also, she HAS to have a tissue in bed with her every night. Anyone else have a weirdo with the same obsession? 

Because I couldn't sleep in the heat, we broke down and bought a window AC unit for our bedroom. I'm glad we worked our butts off to make our home beautiful just so we could make it look ghetto *eye roll* 
But truthfully only a small part of me cares. I wake up every morning in a chilly room with deflated ankles/feet. I love it. We need to figure out a solution for the rest of the house and the girls bedroom. Luckily we've had super mild temperatures and it hasn't been an issue but this week is going to get hot... so it has to be soon. 

On the warmer days we've put the sprinkler under the trampoline and cooled off in the backyard. 

We've also taken rides on the dirt roads up the mountains. The girls love it because they don't have to wear seat belts. I usually let them stand up in the sunroof but this day was a little chilly for that. 
Kennedy was having fun until I tried to take her picture. Good thing she has the snake to keep her safe. 
She is so excited to meet her little brother. She tries to talk to him from time to time and then always feels silly. I'm trying to help her feel more comfortable doing it. 
This past weekend my brother came into town for a visit. We had a great time! They came to see our house and we hung out in the backyard while the kids had the time of their lives on the trampoline (and my dad fell asleep in his chair). 
Then we went to the park and played some baseball with the kids which they also loved. That night we had a BBQ and a fire in the backyard with s'mores and played The Newlyweds Game. It was awesome! It's a good feeling to have everyone together. 
And I spy a gigantic bump peeking out, so I can show Logan that he was there, too! 

It really was a perfect two days. All the kids got along and everyone seemed to actually enjoy being together haha. 

Today is Memorial Day. The girls and I watched a video about why we celebrate this holiday. Kennedy really seemed to understand. I'm so grateful for all that have served for our country. 
We hit the gym in the morning and the girls were alone in the daycare for a while, which means they got extra special attention from the girl in charge. She sent this to me and I about died. 
After that we spent a big chunk of the day at Pineview Reservior hanging out and swimming in the water with Aunt Hillary and Aunt Laurie.
Everyone had a great time and both kiddies actually played in the cold water. 
We CANNOT get Brynlie to smile for any picture anymore, so even though she looks tortured she was having a blast. 
Beach bump. 
We took up our tubes and floated in them (the cuddles made it even better) 
And we took up my parents kayak which was also a great time. Brynlie found the oars and started singing Moana songs and pretending she was in the movie. Adorbs. 
And I think it's safe to say we played until we had nothing else to give. 
School is out in 4 more days and I am ready to have summer in our grasp. I hope I can keep having the energy to do fun things with the kids and that I can survive the next 3 months with no central air. Pray for me haha. 

See you soon! 

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