Finally, Some Before/After Photos and We've Been Depriving Ourselves

Guys, the master bathroom is almost done!! We went to Home Depot last night to get the vanity and faucet and other essentials to fix the toilet. Kennedy came in handy when we couldn't reach the faucet we wanted. 
She saved us $30 by not having to get one within reach. 

And I'm about a month late, but I FINALLY have some before and after photos for ya'll! It turns out we didn't have any "before's" of the girls or Logan's bedroom, and since we're still working on the master bathroom that's not presentable and our room is kind of a mess. So those will come later. But today I have the kitchen and living room and main bath to show you, which is what everyone cares about anyway, right? 








It's been a butt-load of work. But we love it. 

Tonight we decided to treat ourselves for dinner since we rarely get to go out anymore. We decided to try The Mandarine in Bountiful since it's been over 10 years since I was there last and Cory can't even remember when his last time was. 
The place is always packed so we got there shortly after they opened. We were BLOWN AWAY! The food was super incredible. I think it's safe to say we have a new favorite Chinese restaurant. Since we live much closer I foresee many more take-out nights in our future. If you haven't been, or just need a reminder to go again, GO! I can't believe we've been depriving ourselves of its goodness for so long. 

See you soon! 

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Amy said...

You should have stopped by to say hi! Let's meet up there one day.