B Turns 3 and Other Random Things

Our little Brynlie turned 3!!! I may be biased but I think she's always had the most perfect face. 
And she only gets more beautiful as she gets older. 
She's still our moody little spitfire, but the better she gets at communicating the more happy we see come out. She is super hilarious when she's in the right mood. Like, funny beyond her years. And she has a very tender, sweet side. She always has deep sympathy for Kennedy when she's upset or gets hurt. They usually play together remarkably well. I love the bond they have as sisters. She's also becoming a littl chatter box and I love having conversations with her. My favorite is when she tells me something will make her happy. 

She is shy, however, and definitely can turn on you on a dime. She's in the pushing and hitting phase and we've been trying hard to get rid of that as fast as we can. Her temper is remarkable and I swear her scream could shatter glass. Her new I'm-pissed-off-and-want-you-to-know-it-scream as of late is a unique blend of a cat getting its tail stepped on and a Zena Warrior Princess cry. It's truly something. 

She's our little cuddle bug. Sometimes we fight over who gets to cuddle with her. We have to kiss every owie she gets. She's been potty trained for a couple months now and is working on getting herself dressed. She MUST sleep with socks and her "Heehaw", is obsessed with her cowgirl boots, can't stand to have stuff on her hands, isn't afraid to pass gas, and is very vocal about when she needs to use the bathroom, even in the middle of the sacrament prayer. 

She adds so much fun and spice to our lives and we couldn't imagine our life without her. We love her so much!! 

We had a party for her yesterday with our families. It was our first party in the new house and it was a huge success! We BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs and just hung out and had a great time. 

Brynlie also inherited my strong desire for clean things because during the presents she had to throw away each piece of wrapping paper she tore off. It was hilarious and I just sat there and beamed with pride and happiness that I didn't have to clean up a mess. 
She got lots of fun things from toys to stuffed animals and even new pj's. 
Her present requests were first, a puppy. When I said that might not happen then she would ask for a kitty. When I said that really might not happen her next request was always a bike. A bike we could do, and a bike we did! 
She was super pumped about it but then got shy with everyone watching her. 

Cory promptly took her outside away from the audience and showed her how to ride it. I hope this balance bike thing is worth it cause it freaks me out a little. She's already fallen down kinda hard on it. But she was one happy birthday girl. 

In other news... I'm still hating pregnancy with every fiber of my soul. 
I am beyond terrified at how large my stomach is already. I still have 15 weeks of growing and I'm already so uncomfortable. My hips aren't aligned right and my pain is bothersome. Because my hips/legs are messed up then it's making my lower back pain pretty horrible at times. And now that it's getting warmer I'm starting to swell... 
And to make matters worse, we got our AC looked at today and it's completely toast. We need a whole new unit. So we are without air conditioning until we can find the thousands of dollars to replace our 23 year old furnace with the AC. I've cried a lot today because of it. This summer is going to be hell. I'm pretty sick of taking financial blows to the gut and I am beyond sick of being pregnant, but time insists on standing still. 

On the positive side we spent the weekend in Idaho a couple weeks ago with our cousins. It was so fun! We went and saw Shoshone Falls since the water flow is the most it's been in many, many years. 
Just another fantastic family photo. I wish everyone could be as photogenic as our family. 
Kennedy had a total blast playing with their girls. They have a small farm with chickens and a horse and we discovered that she was made for the farm life. She was up bright and early, in the cold weather, helping collect the eggs with a massive smile on her face. I also got to have my first taste of farm fresh eggs and I am totally hooked. We've discussed getting our own chickens next year... it could happen. 

But first we gotta get a dog. That's super apparent now after giving Hillarys dogs a ride the other day. 
In house news we're working on our master bathroom right now and hoping to get it done in the next week or two. Cory has been busting his butt laying the tile. I feel so bad for him because he is just beyond exhausted! But he is doing a fantastic job. He finished the tile (just now actually) and tomorrow we will tag team the grouting. 

I also got a littl crafty today between cutting tile for cory and taking care of the girls. 
Someday I'll work on getting more decor for the fireplace and have Cory get rid of the stupid antenna. It drives me crazy!! 
But I love the pop of color. And it was free and easy! Woot!! 

That's all I have for you today. Time to rest and have some ice cream. See you soon! 

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