Random Acts of Camera Roll

I am having serious running withdrawals. And this couldn't be more accurate - for any distance. 
Getting our Easy Bakin' on. 
These were actually pretty good. And Kennedy shared. 
This is one reason why I hate making spaghetti for dinner. 
The baby has really needed these lately, and I'm not one to deprived my kids of what they need. 
It's hard to see, but after so many years of having our growth chart, I finally got tiny picture frames to mark where they were at certain ages. 
One thing Kennedy does get from me is her love of limes. She can eat them like candy. 
Just a cute picture that Cory took of the girls while we were camping a couple weeks that he finally sent to me. 
Oh, Brynlie...
Dyeing Easter eggs together. 

The girls aren't yet used to having a slippery floor all the time (I need to get them non-slip socks) and I'm still adapting to having so much to mop. I feel like I own a diner. 
Kennedy and I took a quick stroll around the Bountiful Temple the other day. 
The girls had a sleepover with my mom last weekend. I enjoyed the peace and quiet while they made and decorated bunny bums 

And made bunny cars while having marshmallows for breakfast. My mom wasn't this cool when I was little. 
Easter morning egg hunting. 

And Easter morning breakfast. Mmmmm
The Easter Bunny brought them sidewalk chalk so before church they went outside to use it. Kennedy drew a picture of me (in the pink) and baby Logan (in the gray). I love how she spelled Logan. Haha 
A friend of mine posted this the other day and I thought it was really cool.
See you, soon! 

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