It's A....

This pregnancy has felt different for me. I'm not sure if it's because I know it is my last or because I've had so many people I know suffer miscarriage or loss recently, but I've felt so protective of this baby. I've been weirdly paranoid about losing it. I've also felt a strong love already for it, and I never felt like that with my girls when they were in the womb. 

We obviously really wanted a boy. Like, so bad it was a little pathetic (I'm speaking about me). Kennedy kept saying it was a boy and to be honest, I've had a strong feeling for a while now that it was a boy. However, I didn't dare trust it because of how badly I wanted one. I tried to prepare myself for a girl, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I also didn't tell anyone of my feelings in case I was wrong. 

We had our gender reveal ultrasound today and I have never been so nervous for one. I knew if it was a girl I would be upset at first, and then we would love her and she would fit into our family perfectly. But I was petrified of having to tell everyone else it was a girl. I felt like we were letting them down. I know, stupid. 

Well... the verdict is in...

To be honest, I still don't believe it. My doctor couldn't get a good position directly between the legs but he said he would bet his life that it's a boy. I literally asked him that and said a lot of people were counting on this and he'd better not be wrong haha. He was very confident though and he has been doing this 20+ years. 

So, unless we get a big shocker at my next big, "official" ultrasound, it's a boy! Little Logan Evan Hunter will be joining our family. I don't think it's fully hit me yet. I'm waiting for it to, because I know I'll cry. A lot. Right after our appointment we took blue balloons to the grandmas to tell them, then headed straight to Target to buy this outfit I saw the other day because it is the cutest thing ever!!
He officially has 2 outfits. Yay! Haha 

So that's the news! We can't wait for September! 

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