Hello, folks!

Yep, still alive. Still doing a terrible job at blogging. Still wanting to fix that. Still hoping I will. 

It's spring break around these parts. We went down to Canyonlands National Park for a few days. The weather was not super great, but it wasn't awful and we still had a great time. In fact, at least once a day, Kennedy would stop and tell me how happy she was because we were camping. Those girls of mine ... my heart can't take it sometimes. 

Our ride down was a nightmare. I don't even want to get into it, but because of several complications it took us 9 hours!! But once we got there we had fun. 

But let me back up...

Brynlie decided to potty train herself a few days before we left. I literally had nothing to do with it. I went to change her her poopy diaper one day and there was hardly anything in it. I asked if she had more to come out and if she wanted to do it in the potty and she said yes. I put her on there and went outside to throw her diaper away thinking nothing was going to happen. I came back and she had pooped a ton in the potty!! I made such a big deal about it I made her cry... oops. But I put a diaper back on her because I've been way too tired and busy to care. We would tackle that mountain after our trip...

The next day she wanted big girl panties and kept going to the potty by herself! I couldn't believe it! She's had a couple accidents since, but not many and none while sleeping. Her accidents have only been when she didn't make it to the potty fast enough. I think she was still learning how to control it. Anyway, she literally did it herself. Finally, something was easy with this one! Haha 

I was really nervous about our trip and how she would do but she did really well. I was impressed. She even had her first peeing in the wilderness experience and she rocked it! 

We did some hiking, ate good camping food, had fires, played games, saw gorgeous scenery, and spent ample time playing on rocks. I can't even tell you how badly we needed this time together as a family. It was like magic. 

Speaking of magic, we even got a rainbow! 
Keeping warm by the fire in the morning. 
More pretty scenery.   
More fire pics. 
Climbing on rocks. 
Kennedy was a freaking mountain goat!!! I mean, she's always loved playing ON rocks, but this trip she just took off and climbed everything she could. She even freaked me out a couple times. I was super proud of her. I think she's ready to try her climbing harness again because she was fearless. 
And Brynlie followed wherever she could. 
Indian ruins behind us. 
Serious concentration.   
Cool hikes. 
Building cairns. 
And wearing ourselves out.  
Another one down for the count.   
Baby cairn. 
Cold, but so happy!!
"Kennedy, smile!"
Newspaper Rock. 
I'm so glad we got to go. Both girls were sick on the trip as well, and still are. We took K to the doctor today; sinus infection. Brynlie hasn't had it as long but I wouldn't be surprised if we are back at the doctor in a couple days for the same thing. We plan on spending the rest of the week/weekend relaxing and getting better. 

See you, soon! 

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