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Hello, all! Did you forget about me?? I didn't forget about you. Life has just been nutso!! But now that it's starting to slow down slightly I told myself I need to get back on the blogging train before everyone completely loses interest. Unless I'm too late? Mindy, I know you're still reading. *hugs*

I had a friend text me the other day that she couldn't wait to see the finished pictures of our house. I assured her it would be a while because although we're living here, it's not done. But after I thought about it more (today, actually) I decided I'll add more pictures of what is done in future posts. So watch for those. 

I can't really remember where we left off so I'm just going to go back through my camera roll and share random crap with you. Sound good? I don't care. I'm doing it anyway. 

Brynlie has been beyond OBSESSED with these pink "hee-haw boots" as she calls them. 
From the minute she wakes up till bedtime she has to have them on. I'm not sure what triggered it, but at least she likes shoes that she can get on and off by herself. Win! 

I can tell we're really going to like our ward. One reason is they hold a ward camp out! HUGE bonus in my book, even though we can't go this year. 

We got our TV hung up in our bedroom. That was essential for me while Cory was on nights. I don't worry myself and get all paranoid if I can watch TV in bed until I fall asleep. 

Moving was exhausting for all of us. This past week has been a week of trying to catch up and get back to normal. 

Good news is we have everything out of my parents house, finally! 

The girls have been obsessed with Moana since we bought it. It is a good one. I love catching Kennedy pretending she's Moana. That was her boat. She had an oar and even bent down to feel the current. Don't mind our yard. It needs serious help and I just can't bring myself to care yet. I may not even touch it this summer haha. 
And I LOVE our neighborhood!! One of my complaints about our old area was it was very clicky. At least for us, kids just didn't go outside and randomly play with each other. Everything had to be a scheduled play date, which I hated. Our next door neighbor was incredible and did always tell me to send my girls over whenever, but I was too afraid of overwhelming her, so I rarely did. 

Anyway, it's totally different here. The family next to us has kids about the same ages as ours and one is actually in Kennedys class. They play together all. The. Time. If the kids are outside, it's fair game to hang out. We love it. Although B needs to learn boundaries because she has snuck out a few times and made herself at home at their house when I didn't have a clue where she was. 
There's just such a happy atmosphere. And I love having a yard where our kids can go outside and play. Our old yard sucked. 

I was making dinner one night and Brynlie disappeared. I went down the hall and saw her sitting on the toilet, butt naked except for her hee-haw boots, her chin resting in her hands, just contemplating life... I tried to get a picture and got busted. 
We aren't potty training her yet. She knows how to use the potty, she just won't, and I don't have the time to make her, so I'm waiting for her to be ready -- at least more ready than she is now. Whenever we put panties on her she always pees in them. 

The other day I went to At Home looking for a few things (none of which I found). I was about to put my cart back and give up when I noticed a display of window treatments that were 75% off!! After digging through them I found some for our big-A windows. The fabric roman shades were $5 EACH!! 
One problem with having big windows is they're expensive to find coverings for. We've been using paper, temporary blinds which were a giant pain in the butt. These aren't what I want long term, but for $20 they'll do until we can afford real stuff. 

For the front window I found cordless shades!! This is actually what I want on all our windows (much better quality ones) but good ones are so much money. I love our views so I want coverings that won't obstruct the views during the day like blinds would. The short shades were also $5 and the longer, middle one was like... $10? I covered both windows for under $50! That's crazy to me! 
I hate those curtains, by the way. I'll have to get something different later. They're too neutral. And the rod needs to be higher. But first we need closet doors and such. Priorities. 

Something about these boots just makes her want to be naked. 

I've had my fair share of bug bites since we've moved in. I don't know if they're spider bites or beefy mosquitoes. Either way, the few bites I got on my Achilles the other night were AWFUL!! They swelled up so badly and I've never had anything itch that bad. The only thing that finally helped was lavender oil. 

 We gave up on finding the time to paint the bunk beds for the girls and cory assembled them anyway yesterday. That meant the girls finally got their new bedding!!! They love it as much as I do. Their room is so cute! I can't stand it! 
That's all for today my friends. Tomorrow I will try and get my mind back into taking blog-worthy pictures and getting back to posting more. Our renovation totally scrambled our lives. In fact I'm working on a very personal post about that. Stay tuned. 

See you, soon. 

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