Pictures For Ya'll

Hey guys. Sorry for the hiatus. Again. 

The simple fact is I am having a super hard time with life right now. We have so much going on and my stress level has been through the roof. Mix that with out of whack hormones and I've kind of been a mess. And that's being nice. 

Tons of stress is no longer just bad for me, but also hard on the little babe. So I've tried to eliminate everything I can that might add to my load, which has included the blog. Until things settle down (this too shall pass, right?) I'm just going to share some pictures of what we've been up to the last couple weeks. Enjoy and I'll see you soon! 

3D movies
Mornings in moms bed 
Really good movie 
New church backpacks with their own crap so they'll stop fighting in sacrament. 

Worked like a charm 
Field trip this week to the Living Planet Aquarium. So much fun until I got really sick on the bus on the way back. 
Learning about exciting bugs 
And snakes 

Seeing the sharks
Shark tunnel with her best friend (who will be making more appearances in the pictures) 

Glowing eyes? I'd probably know if I had read the plaque about this guy. 
Clown fish 
Sea horse

Frogs are my favorite. I love all their colors! 




Taking naps with mom 
Truth about life. Especially right now. 
This made me laugh. Really hard. 

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