Just Stopping By

How about a super quick update for ya'll?

- We are moved in and living at our house!! We're on day 2. 

- The place is a total disaster and the house still isn't done, but we can work on a lot while we're here. We spent 2 days unpacking so much, SO MUCH!! And we still have loads of crap at my moms house and we have barely touched all the stuff in the basement. How did we get so much crap?! I'll be unpacking until I die. 

- Our first night here Kennedy got a violent stomach bug and was throwing up for hours and hours - well into the night. And yes, she managed to throw up on our new carpet :(. 
My heart just broke for her. She was the most excited to move here and her first night was awful for her. She's doing much better now though. 

- I cooked our first dinner in our new kitchen last night and I have never had so much fun making spaghetti before!! Or eating it! Or cleaning it up!! Thank heavens for dishwashers! 

- We are so happy. Obviously things are still chaotic and we have lots to do, but I can't believe we are finally living in our home! I'll update more after things slow down. See you, soon! 

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Amy said...

Yay yay yay! You made it! You did it! Happy dance!