House Progress

Today was a super productive day! 

I worked my pregnant arse 10 hours today (minus a half hour for lunch and 20 minutes to play 2 rounds of Candyland with Kennedy) without crashing and without caffeine. Color me impressed. 

We did get a lot done today. Cory first put on all our vent covers and almost finished our closet organizer. He just has to cut down the last pole to make it fit and his dad has the tool he needs. It'll be super fast to finish when his dad is done. 
 Oh wait, let me back up... we got carpet yesterday!!! 
It looks even better than we hoped. Cory and I are so in love with it. 
The girls were pumped, too!
Ok, moving on...

I spent a larger-than-planned chunk of the day assembling the girls dresser. It wasn't necessarily difficult, just so time consuming! The hardest part, no joke, was getting the boxes open and the parts organized. But it looks great and Kennedy can't wait to put her panties in the little drawers. 
Then she helped me put up the butterfly wall decals I got for their room. I should have recorded the commentary while doing this. It was priceless. "Oh I just love them!" "They are so cute!" "My butterfly room is the best!" "I can't wait to have my friends over and show them my butterfly room". A very well spent $20 on Amazon for those things. She even kissed them at one point. 
I saved a few of them to put above their bunk beds once we get those painted and slapped together. Her head is going to explode. 

Cory then spent a long a grueling few hours grouting the bathtub surround. We've both been dreading it and he finally got stuck with the job. He did amazing though, and finished it all today! Way to go, Super Husband! 

After I finished the dresser I cleaned a whole bunch of stuff and put things away to try and organize the chaos in the house. 

We think we should be able to move in next weekend. NEXT WEEKEND!!! Ah!!!!!! We still have a few small projects to finish:
  • Seal the tub surround and caulk it 
  • Add doors to bedrooms
  • Finish putting together the girls closet organizer 
  • Put together our bed frame 
  • Get a towel rack 
  • Put up bathroom mirror
  • Install shower fixtures 
They're all little things, so we hope we can just crank them out and get moved in. So exciting!!! 

See you, soon! 

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