When You Lose It In Public

Today was one of those days where you feel so exhausted, like you accomplished so much, but then you look back and realize it really wasn't much. 

I skipped the gym and work today to help Cory at the house. First, I put together one of the shelves we bought at IKEA. The instructions had me giggling right away... who comes up with this stuff?
The unit was really easy to assemble. I plan on using it as a window bench in the near future with padding and fabric and all that fun stuff. 
I also unrolled our area rug all by myself -- I was just following the explicit instructions and assembling the shelves on a rug so I didn't end up in distress like the man pictured. 
Kennedy kept rubbing her face and hands in it and saying she just loves our new carpet. The girl gets me. 

After we picked up K from school we headed carpet shopping. Long story short, we found some and bought it. And it's in stock so there won't be a huge wait when we're ready. 

But, the long story... we were at RCWilley for over 2 hours. I don't really know what has sparked this, but the girls have been truly awful at stores lately. Today was no exception. They ran around the flooring department while we compared remnants and ignored our many calls and requests for them to stay by us. Eventually, as time ticked on, their running expanded, so they started in the electronics department, through the flooring department, and ended in the clearance area, all with yelling and screaming. I was mortified. I yelled, I quietly threatened, I repeatedly tried to be the "nice mommy" and politely ask them to stop... it was like I was invisible. After one threat I told Kennedy to stop and grabbed her arm (again) and she screamed at me and kept telling me no. 

Guys, I'm not proud of this, but I lost it. Bad. In public. I just didn't care anymore. They were being horrible kids, so what did I care anymore if I looked like a horrible parent? They can't get away with acting like that!  It was time to have a serious consequence for behaving so terribly. Kennedy was definitely initiating the problem and Brynlie was just following her footsteps. I grabbed her and basically drug her out of the store screaming, threw her in the car, and let her have it! 

Take my word for it, she got in huge trouble. She cried for almost a half hour afterward and it took me even longer than that to calm down. I usually feel really bad inside after disciplining my kids, but not this time. She completely deserved what she got. Maybe even more? 

I really struggle with disciplining my kids in public. I feel like with how judgy people are, there's an immense fear of people who are watching, overreacting and causing trouble. I think my kids have caught on to my hesitation and have been taking advantage of that. Today was definitely the last straw for me. The whip will start cracking more from now on! And hopefully Kennedy will start taking me more seriously now that she knows what awaits her. 

With all the "excitement" at the store I never took a picture of the carpet we chose, so you'll have to be surprised later. 

Cory worked hard getting more baseboards and moldings put in to get ready for the carpet. They're coming tomorrow to measure and whatnot. I helped patch nail marks in the moldings and I caulked a bunch of crap that needed to be caulked. It was a productive day but certainly didn't feel like it. I really didn't do that much but I am 100% wiped out! I'm so freaking tired of always being tired. 

The most exciting part of the day for me was finding this adorable thing at Michael's for $7!! I plan on filling them with different types of cooking oil that we use so they're ready to go by the stove. 
No one warned me that being an adult would consist of being super excited over dumb stuff like this... 

See you, soon! 

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