Strawberries and Nerds

This months selection of intense pregnancy cravings has been Nerds (the candy, that's important to note) and strawberries. I've only given in to the Nerd cravings once, and unfortunately I had to share. 
I've also been craving strawberries like mad. Thankfully, it's something healthy, so I haven't really held back on those. Each grocery trip I buy a bunch and they're usually gone in a couple days. One day I may or may not have eaten an entire carton by myself... and I probably won't ever do that again haha. Lesson learned. 

I gave Kennedy my old phone and they're connected through my iCloud account. I love finding random pictures the girls take on their phone showing up on mine. 
 Little B and I had a really rough week last week. There was one day in particular where I was ready to give up on her. Sometimes she gets so hard with her tantrums and constant crying, and it's usually the same time I'm exhausted and frustrated and I let Satan get in my head and I end up feeling completely hopeless that I can raise her properly. I get angry that she is so adorable but so freaking hard. I feel like a terrible mother and I just break down and cry. We had one of those days. Actually, two of them. She is insanely stubborn and has such a strong will. Her tantrums are terrifying at times and I'm not sure how to handle them. It scares me that if we can't nip this in the butt somehow that I'm not going to survive three kids. I don't know how she can be so sweet one minute and then so horrible the next. I love her with all my heart; I truly do. I just don't know how to mold her into a normal human being. But she sure is a cutie pie. 

So random change of subject, my sister in law got to meet The Legend:
Crazy, right?? I feel like I have to live vicariously through everyone else since cool stuff never happens to me haha. I can't wait to hear all about it. 

Guys, I also have big news... today I got to RUN!! 
So, long explanation...

I mentioned I wasn't running this pregnancy. We all know why. On my weight room days at the gym, (I've been using the weights a lot more since the class has been making me so sick this trimester) I started walking for 30 minutes after lifting. When I very first started, walking would make my ligaments a little sore. But it was usually better the next day. After a couple times the pain was gone. I noticed the same thing with certain exercises in class -- some would make me sore but the more I did them the more I seemed to build up "resistance" to them.  Now some exercises make me actually hurt and not just sore. Those I avoid completely. It's not important enough to me to do those if they're going to escalate the problem.  But others would just make me feel slight soreness in my hip/groin area that night, but nothing terrible. 

I've started to wonder if maybe I'm able to build up strength in them through all this? I'm not terribly familiar with how this works, and I fully anticipate that it can and probably will get worse as the pregnancy progresses and the baby gets bigger, but trying to build up strength can't hurt, right? Anyway, so I figured if walking was fine then I would try doing the small run segments we have on the board and see how I felt - keeping it slow of course - and if anything hurt I would stop. I tried one run last week and it went fine. But it was only 5 minutes. 

I tried two runs yesterday (almost 10 minutes total) and again, nothing went wrong. Today was a weight room day so I figured I would just try a slow jog afterward and see how it went. Ooooooo it felt gutsy for sure. But I went nice and easy and ended up with 2 miles before I had to leave. And I left with a HUGE smile on my face. It. Felt. GOOD!!!! My soul was aching for a run, even if it was short and slow. 

Assuming nothing arises from today's experiment I will probably continue to run slowly for as long as I can. I know it may not last, but I'll take what I can get. I am being extremely cautious though. 

In other good workout news, yesterday was the first day I completed a class workout and didn't feel super sick the whole rest of the day! Yay!!! Again, I don't know if that'll last, but I'm taking each day as they're given to me. Maybe there's hope, guys!! 

Cory has been working so I don't have any house updates for you except that we have a mountain of boxes of IKEA furniture to assemble sometime in the next couple weeks. That'll be fun... not. And thanks to Presidents Weekend we were able to find a new couch and accent chair for our front room for cheap. I'm pumped!! Cory is off again tomorrow so hopefully we make more major progress. We also need to pick out carpet this week and get that ball rolling. Fun stuff! To also means I probably need to start packing... ugh... 

Well, I plan on eating pizza in our pj's with my family tonight and staying dry from the rain storm that's supposed to hit. See you, soon! 

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