Playing Catch Up With My Camera Roll

Has it really only been 5 days since I last blogged? It seems like an eternity!! 

The problem is I've been feeling really terrible this past week. Like, really bad. 
So my blogging ambition has been slim. But let's play random catch up by going through my camera roll for the last few days. 

The weather we've had has been unreal! I feel like Mother Nature was pretty fed up with January as well because I feel like as soon as February came around, things turned gorgeous. 
We've had record breaking highs which has felt sooooo amazing!! The only problem is it's making me miss running so bad it kind of hurts. I just want to get out and pound the pavement with just me and my iTunes while I feel the warm sun on my face, and I can't. I know there's a time and season for everything. I'm fine with that. But sometimes it's hard to take a break when you know you can't do something. 2018 will be my year to run again. 

I picked these up at Target for a healthier snack option since I can only eat so much. They are yummy! Even Kennedy loved them which makes me feel all happy inside. 

We took Kennedy to the doctor this past week and they just looked so cute playing together I had to take a picture --  because I have the phone storage to do so now!! I still can't get over that. 
And then Brynlie got tired. We were overdue for lunch so I can relate to how she feels. 
One morning we played "follow the iPad" so I could get the girls to listen to me and get dressed for school. It worked!! 
Replace "van" with "sequoia" and this is 100% me. 
I've had a few mornings where I could actually stomach my usual protein shake! It has made me super happy that it's slowly starting to come back into my life. 
It was my Mom's birthday this past week as well and Kennedy was more excited than my mom. She picked out flowers at the store with my sister and made a note for my mom and waited for her to come home and see the surprise. She is so thoughtful! 
And then she insisted there had to be balloons and since Grandma isn't super proficient at telling her no, balloons it was! 
Today we had a super romantic Valentine's Day working on the house haha! We are getting so close, guys!!! 

I spent the day stenciling the accent wall in our master bedroom. I picked a brownish/grayish color for 3 of the walls, and then a much darker brown for the accent wall. Then I stenciled over that with a super metallic silver paint. The camera didn't pick up the metallic sheen very well,  but it looks amazing!! 

I was really nervous to stencil. I had never done it before. It was super tedious but not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I was surprised I got it done in a day. 
It definitely isn't perfect, but it still looks really good. Here's a closer shot of the colors. The brown looks super dark in all these pictures. 
Don't worry about the corner where it looks like crap. We have a plan for that. 

We've also got a bathroom door now!! 
Molding coming soon haha 
Our master bath is also painted. I picked a really light minty color. The outside wall will be white shiplap which I think will look cool. And cover the damage that was caused during demo. 
And then Kennedy found some weeds outside and told us we were all cowgirls now. 
Even Cory didn't complain. 
Brynlie got one too but then had a meltdown and didn't want her picture taken. Nothing new. 

Cory is working on putting in moldings this week (and maybe grouting the shower?) and we plan to pick out carpet this week and buy the furniture we need. Then we can move in! Only a few more weeks. I can't wait!!! 

See you, soon! 

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Hooray! Looking amazing!