I Kept Thinking Today Was Monday

Yesterday we had so much on our plate and didn't do anything resembling our normal routine. Since we were back to the normal stuff today, I kept thinking it was Monday. It was kind of a pleasant surprise each time I realized it was Tuesday. The week is almost half over!! 

Our Sunday started off really great. I got to cuddle with these two for a while. 
I know most people hate 1:00 church, but I actually like it. We get a much more relaxed Sunday morning, and when we get out of church it's practically dinner time! Hoorah!! 

It was my week to teach the gospel doctrine class so I was anxious to get that over with. Thankfully we have great members in our ward who are always willing to participate so I didn't have to do much. They always help teach the lesson for me. 

After church is was time for the Super Bowl!!!! How about that game, eh? So crazy! We had a plethora of junk food to eat and I finished off the evening feeling like this:
Ok I honestly didn't eat as much as I thought I would, which was a good thing. But I still felt full. 

And my heart felt full because this happened AGAIN for the third time in like a month. I am loving it!!! 

Yesterday was a crazy day, but we got a lot of stuff done. We had our first doctor appointment and got to see the baby. 
As we were sitting in the waiting room I kept hearing my doctors voice back in the patient area. His voice brought back tons of trauma and stress of having Brynlie and I started to wonder why we were doing this all over again. I thought of the pain and fear of childbirth and my chest got tight and I struggled to breathe. I had a panic attack just sitting there. I was able to bring myself back down again, but it totally caught me off guard and scared me. I'm not joking when I say I have PTSD from Brynlie's pregnancy. 

I was also super nervous for this ultrasound. It's a long story I'll have to share with you later, but I was about 80% sure we were having twins. I was petrified to have that confirmed. Thankfully, that wasn't the case and there is only one baby growing inside me. Everything looks good so far and baby is measuring right where it should be. The girls loved seeing it wiggle around and Kennedy held on to the ultrasound pictures afterward and just kept staring at them. They're so pumped! We didn't get good pictures this time but he said next time we will get more. 

Seeing the little bean moving around made it more real for me. It got me a little excited even. We're really doing this. It's happening.  

So house update...

Guys, all the drywall is DONE!!!!!!! *ceeeelllllebrate good times, come on!* 

We've moved on to painting the remaining bedrooms. Yesterday afternoon we got the baby's room primed and ready to paint after we find out the gender. Today Cory primed our bedroom and bathroom and hopefully I can get started on painting that this weekend. The main bath is just about done... we need to install the door, finish the tiny bit of tile, then grout and install the plumbing fixtures and we're in business! 

My mom is also finished making the bedding for the girls bunk beds. They turned out so freaking cute and soft and fluffy! Just how I wanted!! 
She's making the pillow cases as I type this. She and I have had a few chuckles over this project. It has taken more time and WAY more money than we planned on. I searched everywhere for bedding that was available for sale like this and couldn't find any, so we went ahead and made it. Tons more money later, they're adorable and perfect, but I saw something very similar at Target the other day for a fraction of the cost haha! Oh well, these are amazing and made with love. And it's going to be the cutest room ever! 

We're hoping to move in soon -- like a month maybe? Maybe slightly more? Depending. I'm not sure why the Lord wanted me to get pregnant so fast. It's been hard because before this happened I was going to the house when Cory was working and doing what I could to help. Now I'm pregnant and too wiped out or sick to care. But I'm trying to power through and do what I can. 

So remember me talking about a LorĂ©al conditioner I've been loving that was pretty expensive? The price keeps going up on Amazon and I can't seem to find it anywhere else. I decided to try something new and save some money. I bought this stuff a few weeks ago when my other stuff ran out. It was almost 1/3 of the cost! Yay! 
Admittedly it doesn't smell as great, but I have really been loving it. Again, I only use it once a week, but it totally transforms my hair. I've also been adding lemon, vitamin E, and rosemary essential oils to my shampoo. I saw an article about how they can help hair loss and repair damage and dryness. I'm still losing my hair like crazy, but my hair has been smoother and softer. I guess essential oils can't beat hormone problems. But at least it's helping the hair that's there. 

I also saw an (almost) all natural skincare routine from a girl I follow on instagram that I'm going to start trying once we get paid again. If it works out I'll have to let you know. Cheap and affective sounds too good to be true. We'll see! Haha 

I'm currently reading a book that I am dying to share with you about health, our bodies and how to help thyroid and adrenal problems. It's a book for every single woman. I'm only 1/8 of the way through and I've learned so much. I'll talk about it more once I've finished reading it so I can give you my full review. But I came across this little quote in it and it hit me pretty hard. 
 How true this is!! Ugh, I need to finish so I can talk to you guys about it!! I'm hurrying. I promise. 

I leave you today with a meme I saw on Facebook that made me choke on my dinner with laughter. Enjoy. 

See you, soon! 

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