We Made it Through Monday!

Man have I been tired!
 I expected to be worse, honestly. The pregnancy fatigue with Brynlie LEVELED me. But I'm realizing as I write this that I wasn't on medication last time. Although what I'm on didn't help anything before I got pregnant, it seems to be helping a lot now.

I also haven't been super sick. I have my moments -- they come and go -- but overall I'm doing really well. Beto's steak and egg burritos have been my food of choice. I'm pretty sure I need to move back to my old house where there was a Beto's right down the street. Cruel irony.

When I have been tired, being a mom has been really rough though. I had a really hard day with them last week and we barely all made it through the day alive.
 But then they go to bed and look so perfect sleeping and all is forgiven.

I've also had small twinges of hip pain here and there and they always set me in a panic. But, they've been mild and brief. I don't know what to expect in the coming months, but I am being really careful. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I can't go through that again.

I came across this picture of B the other day when she was 6 months old. She was such a beautiful baby. She still is beautiful, but this is one of my favorites. That perfect little face... I can't...
 Our stupid weather lately... snow, rain, snow, rain. I had a doctors appointment a couple towns away the other morning right after a rain-turning-into-snow storm. The roads were SO TERRIBLE!! The freeway was a sheet of ice. I'm not even kidding. There were so many slide outs, collisions, and almost collisions, that it was terrifying. It took me 45 minutes to go 10 miles. It sucked! After we finally made it home I decided we weren't going anywhere for the rest of the day. We pushed the couches together and made a giant bed and watched movies all day long. It was awesome!
 This also happened again. I'm soaking up every moment I can before my time with her gets divided again. And yes, I only ever wear Revel Big Cottonwood hoodies. They are the most comfortable hoodies I have ever worn! Even if you don't run, hit them up on their next race and get a hoodie. You won't regret it.
 I made a sneak peak of a before/after pic of the kitchen the other day. The "after" picture isn't even done, but it was fun to see the difference thus far. I can't wait to make the rest of them!
 I started getting kind of serious about this baby thing yesterday. I realized I have to start thinking about bottles and clothes and swaddle wraps again.
 And a car seat! Ours expired so we get to fork out the money yet again for an infant one. I think I'm going to try a Chicco this time. Thoughts? We did Graco before and had no complaints but I hear this model has the easiest latch and release on the base. And it's one of the top rated safety seats. It also looks a lot more comfortable.
 Today I killed my arms at the gym (I just lifted in the weight room because I felt like crap) and then spent the whole rest of the day grouting our subway tile. I forgot how labor intensive it is to grout a big space. I am WIPED!! But our fireplace is officially done and so is the back splash. Yay!

It started snowing again while we were up there working on it. The girls were running around in their bare feet and giggling while Cory was tinkering with the outlets and I sat by the fireplace and watched them play while the snow fell. It's already feeling like home. I can't wait to do that exact thing once we have a comfy couch to sit on while I watch them haha. I'm pretty sure I mention how I can't wait to live there in every post, but it's the gosh darn truth.

I'm anxiously awaiting our tax documents so we can get our refund and I can finally get a new phone and start taking more pics for the blog. I just don't have the storage right now to take very many. It sucks. Bad. But hang in there guys. Someday things will get better. It can't be Monday forever.

See you, soon!

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Amy said...

Looking great! We have a KeyFit and I've loved it. Got it for us safety rating and it really is a breeze. I got the travel system and love it too