So Freaking Close...

Sometimes, I get really sick of "living" in my car. 
Between playing taxi, running errands, and working from my car, it can get pretty old. At least I love my car, right? And the heater works great! 

I don't know why everything these two do is so adorable to me lately? Ok, not everything. A lot of what they do is far from adorable. But... I've just been appreciating them a lot more the last couple weeks. Not really sure why. 
And this definitely made my week! She hasn't fallen asleep on me in a while. I love cuddling sleeping offspring. 
This cup used to have a smiley face on it and over the years it's worn off. Kennedy took it upon herself to fix that the other day. I like this version much better. 
In case you missed it, we got hammered with snow last night. One of my favorite things about big snowstorms is when the sky is super lit up like the middle of the day. I LOVE it!! I snapped this last night at 9:00.
I can't wait to sit in the living room of our new house when this happens and watch it snow. It's going to be dreamy... 

Anyway, we have over 2 feet of snow at our house, and that's just untouched snow. The mountains people have created from plowing and shoveling piles are massive!! You can't tell but that's bigger than my car. 
It's really pretty though and has been kinda fun. Our school district had a 2 hour late start and kindergarten was cancelled so Kennedy didn't have to go to school. Yay!!
Our cabinet guy came today to finish up. Yet again, he's still not done. The bracket for the garbage pullout got broken somehow so he's going to replace it, and he needs to make a new door for one of our cabinets and add a couple more things. BUT... they're mostly done. And I was squealing with excitement!!! I love our kitchen so much already!!
 No door on the garbage cupboard yet...

I sat and stared at it because I can't believe it's ours. I am so grateful! This reno has been insanely hard on us. I can't even describe how hard it has been at times. But I am so thankful for this opportunity. We are going to love living there and I can't wait to start making memories!! 

Cory installed the pendant light above the front door today. OBSESSED!
He also put in the bathroom vanity lights which look so good and helped brighten it up a lot in there.
We also purchased a crapper. I don't know about you but 'bold' is definitely a feature I'm looking for when I'm in the market for a toilet. 
And Cory put it in! This is a BIG deal. We haven't had a working toilet upstairs in that house for over a year. We don't have a bathroom door yet, but at least we can finally pee where it's warm and not scary.  Cory called dibs on being the first to poop in it... I didn't protest. 
We plan on tiling the shower this weekend since Cory's brother offered to help. I will probably start on the back splash in the kitchen while they do that. We bought the vanity for this main bath (picture to come) and I ordered the mirror and the faucet since they weren't available in the stores. I'm counting down the days until I can soak in that amazing bath tub! 

One of the hardest things about this reno has been being pulled in so many directions. On top of having so much work to do as quickly as we can, I still have to be a mother, I still have all my normal duties at my parents house like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc, and I have to find time to work and be a normal human being. I rarely get to hang out with friends anymore because I feel like every second is used doing something. It's been tough and I am feeling really tired and worn out. But we are almost there. We need to get in so our lives can start to return to normal, if there is such a thing? Hang in there, Megan, you've almost made it. 

Well, Boom-Chick-A-Pop is calling my name. So is the couch and Netflix. See you, Soon! Stay warm!

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Amy said...

It is so, so beautiful! Hang in there, you're on the home stretch. You got this and it'll be so worth it!!