Random Acts of Camera Roll

I've been a tiling mad woman the last week or so. I've spent more time with the tile saw than with Cory.
 Brynlie colored this the other night at dinner. It's the first time I've ever seen her take her time and try and stay in the lines. I thought she did a really great job!
 "Brynlie, say cheese!"
 "Brynlie, please say cheese??"
 I secretly love that picture. Brynlie is well known for being a spitfire and slightly moody, but I love her. I love how spirited she is and she has a strong will that I hope she puts to good use. And when she's not having her mood swings she really is so much fun. Her sense of humor is a RIOT!

And this one... oh man. She is my sunshine. She literally shines rays of happiness everywhere she goes and is such a blessing. She's very shy, but once you crack her shell, she's just a gem.
 And my sweet little buddy.
 Sour Skittles: also a gem. A gem that makes my tongue sore.
 I tiled our main bathroom floor all by myself! I finished the grout today and I am pretty darn happy with it! The same stuff will go in our master bathroom.
 This is Kennedy's "safety helmet" she wore while sliding down the stairs. She also has her stair-sliding gloves on. Safety and style -- my kind of girl.
 When you just need some alone time and you hide in the bathtub for a few minutes.

See you, soon!


Amy said...

Tiling looks amazing! In spy El Matador!

Amy said...