I'm Back, Spoke Too Soon, and 10 Years

Hey guys!!!! Guess what momma finally got???
My old phone literally ran out of storage. Completely. I couldn't update any apps, I couldn't update to the iOS system, I couldn't take pics, and I was almost out of room to receive text messages. So we took a quick trip to the store and got me a new one. I got the 7 plus. I am loving the bigger size and the amazing camera. I also got 256g of storage... so I won't be having any issues again anytime soon. And my blogging app is back which I am sooooo excited about!! 

So let's catch up on everything shall we? 

I spoke way too soon about not getting sick or feeling that tired with this pregnancy. It hit me hard after my last post. After a few miserable days I finally called my doctor (who is in Mexico for a week) and got some samples of some nausea meds to hold me over until he gets back and can call in a real prescription. They have helped a ton! I've also been really tired. Bedtime is around 9 now and I've fallen asleep just about every day. 4 more weeks until the first trimester is over. I've just gotta power through. 

Kennedy has been really into bandaids lately. It's driving me completely crazy. Anytime something hurts in the slightest, she grabs a bandaid. 
We've talked and talked about how they're for blood... but it's not getting through. I'll probably have to start hiding the bandaids now. 

Anyone else's kids beg and whine and cry for a banana and promise to eat the whole thing and then this happens?
Brynlie does it every. Freaking. Time. Sometimes I can pawn it off onto Kennedy but not always. 
But she does love eggs. This is news to me. We had a breakfast date the other day and she wanted pancakes but never touched them. She did however finish every single morsel of her eggs. 
I didn't eat much because I was feeling too yucky but it was still fun. 
Yesterday was a pretty intense day. I went to the gym early with my brother and sister in law. I got my butt KICKED! It was a pretty tough one. Then I immediately headed to the house and Cory and sanded the mud in our master bathroom (ouchie arms!) and then spent the rest of the day on the tile in the main bath. We still have a small amount to finish but we got a lot done. 

After an entire, exhausting day we headed home starving and filthy. Once we got home my brother called and told us he had free tickets to a Utah Jazz game that started in 40 minutes and asked if we wanted to come. I was so dang wiped out, but we wanted to go anyway. We showered as fast as we could (I didn't even get to dry my hair) and raced out the door and somehow made it to the game on time. Go us!
It was tons of fun, even though we didn't win. And our seats were awesome! 
While I was rushing to get ready I didn't have any cute, clean clothes. My hair wasn't done and my makeup looked like crap. I thought to myself, "oh well, I won't see anyone I know." Famous last words. I saw tons of people I knew. Oh well, right? Haha 

Something else interesting happened at the game. Because I was so tired I was struggling to stay awake and even see straight. We grabbed dinner at the game and Cory ordered a Coke... I don't know what broke inside me, but after a 10 year streak of not having any pop or carbonation, I had some. And it was fricking AMAZING!! The burn... the taste... the burps... it was definitely satisfying an addiction. I didn't have tons, but enough. It helped perk me right up. I don't really know where I'll go from here. I still firmly believe in all the reason I quit drinking pop in the first place and I know it's bad for me. But it did taste so good...

Well I need to go get us all ready for church now. We want to take a drive to the mountains before we head to sacrament meeting. 

See you, soon! 












Amy said...

Coke in pregnancy is extra good!

Melissa Smith said...

What blogging app do you use?