Here We Go Again...

So, guess what?

We're going to have another baby!

I have so much to say on this topic, so sit back and grab a snack because I have a feeling this post will be long.

We have always planned on having one more child. But life has been CRAZY lately with our home reno going on and living with my parents. Our plan was to stop preventing pregnancy around March or April, after we had moved into our house and things started to settle down a little. There was a marathon in May that I had my eye on and was hoping to postpone pregnancy until after that.

Then in November I got a strong impression that we needed to start trying now. Like, NOW. I wasn't thrilled about the idea, but I'm also not going to ignore a prompting from Heavenly Father. I kept having this feeling it was going to take a while anyway, so we stopped using birth control methods and went from there.

A month later, the day my period was supposed to start, I just knew I was pregnant. Sure enough, I was. I was only 3.5 weeks at the time which is really unusual for a pregnancy test to show up as positive that early. December was the month I was hoping a baby wouldn't happen because I didn't want a September birthday... But, I guess the Lord knows best.

I am currently 6.5 weeks and am due Sept 7th. I always said that I wanted to wait as long as possible to tell people this time, but I didn't realize how hard that would be with my 3rd. It's like my body was just like, "There's a baby in there! Have a belly now and start packing on the pounds!"

My main goal this time around is to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. I'm not sure how that will go since that was my goal with Brynlie and it was a disaster.

I am completely and utterly terrified of having the same problem I had with Brynlie. If that happens I'm not sure what I'll do. But I've sworn off all running in an effort to keep it from being bad again. I've also been doing a lot of hip-strengthening exercises to hopefully help. So far so good, but it's still early.

I've also already gained 10lbs since I found out I was pregnant. I haven't changed anything in my life, it just happened. I officially weigh more now than I did 3 weeks after I gave birth to Brynlie. People, Hear me; THAT IS DEPRESSING!!!! I have always started my pregnancies at a healthy weight so to be this big already and knowing that my body loves to get gigantic, I'm seriously worried about what will happen. Call me vain if you'd like, but those who know me understand what a passion health and fitness is to me and how hard I work and how hard the last 3 years have been on me with this PCOS bull crap. Every extra pound is more torture after the pregnancy to try and get off, and my track record SUCKS so far. So that is a big concern.

So far I am feeling pretty ok. I get nauseated after I eat certain foods and if my stomach gets too empty but nothing super awful yet. I've been more tired than usual but it hasn't been debilitating. I think I am so used to being run down and exhausted all the time that I've hardly noticed. I don't know if these conditions will worsen as time goes on or if this is as bad as it's going to get. We shall see.

I do have some food aversions and heartburn so that's made eating as healthy as I normally do kind of hard. But I'm trying my best. I plan to keep going to the gym and doing everything that I possibly can to keep my body healthy. I know that's all tentative if this pregnancy turns out at all like B's. But I'm hopeful it'll be better.

This is our last baby and I feel pretty peaceful about that. Everyone and their ancestors are hoping for a boy, as are we. We will see. It'll probably be a girl haha.

I plan to document this pregnancy in all it's ugliness. It's so easy to follow the stories of people who get to stay thin and bounce right back after their babies are born, but what about the rest of us who get put through hell during and after a baby? I'm going to be a story for those regular people because I am one. Pregnancy is not kind to me. So if you can relate, then lets be friends.

So there you have it. 2017 will be an interesting year for us :)

See you, Soon.

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Amy said...

I am soo excited for you! What an absolute miracle to happen when you're dealing with pcos. You give me hope! Maybe it's twins! Funny? Not funny? Xoxo