2017 Resolutions And Our New Year's Eve

My resolutions (which from now on will be called "goals" because it's easier to type...) are pretty vague this year.

I feel like last year was the rise (and fall) of a great physical year. While I'm always planning on progressing and working hard, I haven't set any definitive physical goals for 2017. Things are still on the rocks with my health and until I can get that squared away, I have no idea what kind of physical condition I'll be in... so my goal is to just keep working hard, keep pressing forward in figuring out what is wrong, and keep loving what I do.

We obviously have a goal to get moved into our house. I'm CONSTANTLY getting asked "When do you think you'll move in?" and the answer is always the same... we don't know. We're getting closer and closer and we work on it every available day. I'm guessing we will move in about March-ish.

Most of my goals for 2017 revolve around my family. I feel like we've been through the ringer lately... we need to reset and build our family strength and unity back up. The girls are so used to Cory being gone their relationships have suffered. I'm with the girls all the time and they've learned to really push my limits and see what they can get away with. The stress of the house (both physically, financially and mentally) have turned Cory and I into impatient and negative people. It's been really hard -- harder than I thought -- and we really need to get the stupid house done and remember what it feels like to be a family and have free time again.

My mothering and family goals are to work on being more patient and to focus on the now. I want to keep learning how to find joy in the journey and spend more time being busy with my kids instead of finding ways to keep them busy.

Spiritually I just want to keep progressing. I go though phases of being really great at reading scriptures and praying every day, and then I slide... then I do awesome, then I slide.. sound familiar? It's human nature. I notice a HUGE difference in my patience and overall attitude when I'm being consistent with it, obviously, so I want to keep working on making that permanent. I also want to keep finding ways to teach the gospel to my girls and help them develop their own testimonies.

Those are all the goals I have for now. Like I said, vague. You might argue that vague goals aren't achievable, but I know what I want to do in my mind and I think it'll be ok.

Every year we go ice skating with Cory's family on New Years Day but this year because it's on a Sunday, we went on New Years Eve. It was super packed and hardly anyone could come this year, but we had a good time.

Kennedy was really nervous at first but it took her about 30 seconds to figure out how to push her walker thingy around and she was off like a bat outta hell!
She was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her for not giving up right away and trying to figure it out.
We got skates for Brynlie but she was impossible to keep upright. We finally gave up and pushed her around in the stroller like last year. 

Afterward we went to Cory's parents church for our annual soup feast. It was delicious but the heat wasn't on in the building so we didn't stay long. It was FREEZING!! We went back to his parents house and played games for hours before calling it a night.

Cory had to go to bed to get up for work today and I was just plain 'ol tired, so we didn't stay up for midnight. It's overrated. But happy new year!! I hope this year brings great things for every single one of you! 

See you, soon! 

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