Tons of Snow and Tons of Love

Our little drive up the canyon Sunday was so nice! The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the temperature was over 10 degrees warmer up at the ski resorts. And holy cow do they have a ton of snow!! 

I wanna know what kind of snowblower can make a 10 ft mountain like this. 
The ride totally wiped out Brynlie and I so we spent the afternoon napping while Cory and Kennedy went to church. 

Yesterday was rough for me. I felt so sick all day! Then right before we put the girls to bed Cory pulled out the Hi Chews. The grape flavor majorly hit the spot for me. I am a little ashamed of how many I ate. 
I'm really, really trying to eat healthy this pregnancy but it's been super hard with this nausea. I'm doing the best I can but when you're pregnant sick, you HAVE to eat what sounds good. You just have to. Anything else is bad news. 

This was B's face when I told her she couldn't go to bed wearing all her swim suits over her jammies. 

I know I've mentioned this before but I remember being pregnant with Brynlie and feeling so, so guilty that we were going to bring a new baby home and totally ruin Kennedys life. 
Obviously that feeling has long since passed. I don't have any of those feelings this time, either. I now know the great blessing it is to provide siblings for our kids. 
I also remember being scared that I wouldn't be able to love another child as much as I loved Kennedy. My heart has grown so much since Brynlie came into our lives. I am so excited to feel it grow even more when this next one joins the family. 

I hope all my kids maintain a strong sibling relationship. I know they'll fight and what not, but overall I hope they love and protect each other more than anything else. Watching that happen between Kennedy and Brynlie has brought so much joy in my life. I can't wait to see them with a little baby. 

Well, that's enough from me. See you, soon! 









I'm Back, Spoke Too Soon, and 10 Years

Hey guys!!!! Guess what momma finally got???
My old phone literally ran out of storage. Completely. I couldn't update any apps, I couldn't update to the iOS system, I couldn't take pics, and I was almost out of room to receive text messages. So we took a quick trip to the store and got me a new one. I got the 7 plus. I am loving the bigger size and the amazing camera. I also got 256g of storage... so I won't be having any issues again anytime soon. And my blogging app is back which I am sooooo excited about!! 

So let's catch up on everything shall we? 

I spoke way too soon about not getting sick or feeling that tired with this pregnancy. It hit me hard after my last post. After a few miserable days I finally called my doctor (who is in Mexico for a week) and got some samples of some nausea meds to hold me over until he gets back and can call in a real prescription. They have helped a ton! I've also been really tired. Bedtime is around 9 now and I've fallen asleep just about every day. 4 more weeks until the first trimester is over. I've just gotta power through. 

Kennedy has been really into bandaids lately. It's driving me completely crazy. Anytime something hurts in the slightest, she grabs a bandaid. 
We've talked and talked about how they're for blood... but it's not getting through. I'll probably have to start hiding the bandaids now. 

Anyone else's kids beg and whine and cry for a banana and promise to eat the whole thing and then this happens?
Brynlie does it every. Freaking. Time. Sometimes I can pawn it off onto Kennedy but not always. 
But she does love eggs. This is news to me. We had a breakfast date the other day and she wanted pancakes but never touched them. She did however finish every single morsel of her eggs. 
I didn't eat much because I was feeling too yucky but it was still fun. 
Yesterday was a pretty intense day. I went to the gym early with my brother and sister in law. I got my butt KICKED! It was a pretty tough one. Then I immediately headed to the house and Cory and sanded the mud in our master bathroom (ouchie arms!) and then spent the rest of the day on the tile in the main bath. We still have a small amount to finish but we got a lot done. 

After an entire, exhausting day we headed home starving and filthy. Once we got home my brother called and told us he had free tickets to a Utah Jazz game that started in 40 minutes and asked if we wanted to come. I was so dang wiped out, but we wanted to go anyway. We showered as fast as we could (I didn't even get to dry my hair) and raced out the door and somehow made it to the game on time. Go us!
It was tons of fun, even though we didn't win. And our seats were awesome! 
While I was rushing to get ready I didn't have any cute, clean clothes. My hair wasn't done and my makeup looked like crap. I thought to myself, "oh well, I won't see anyone I know." Famous last words. I saw tons of people I knew. Oh well, right? Haha 

Something else interesting happened at the game. Because I was so tired I was struggling to stay awake and even see straight. We grabbed dinner at the game and Cory ordered a Coke... I don't know what broke inside me, but after a 10 year streak of not having any pop or carbonation, I had some. And it was fricking AMAZING!! The burn... the taste... the burps... it was definitely satisfying an addiction. I didn't have tons, but enough. It helped perk me right up. I don't really know where I'll go from here. I still firmly believe in all the reason I quit drinking pop in the first place and I know it's bad for me. But it did taste so good...

Well I need to go get us all ready for church now. We want to take a drive to the mountains before we head to sacrament meeting. 

See you, soon! 












We Made it Through Monday!

Man have I been tired!
 I expected to be worse, honestly. The pregnancy fatigue with Brynlie LEVELED me. But I'm realizing as I write this that I wasn't on medication last time. Although what I'm on didn't help anything before I got pregnant, it seems to be helping a lot now.

I also haven't been super sick. I have my moments -- they come and go -- but overall I'm doing really well. Beto's steak and egg burritos have been my food of choice. I'm pretty sure I need to move back to my old house where there was a Beto's right down the street. Cruel irony.

When I have been tired, being a mom has been really rough though. I had a really hard day with them last week and we barely all made it through the day alive.
 But then they go to bed and look so perfect sleeping and all is forgiven.

I've also had small twinges of hip pain here and there and they always set me in a panic. But, they've been mild and brief. I don't know what to expect in the coming months, but I am being really careful. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I can't go through that again.

I came across this picture of B the other day when she was 6 months old. She was such a beautiful baby. She still is beautiful, but this is one of my favorites. That perfect little face... I can't...
 Our stupid weather lately... snow, rain, snow, rain. I had a doctors appointment a couple towns away the other morning right after a rain-turning-into-snow storm. The roads were SO TERRIBLE!! The freeway was a sheet of ice. I'm not even kidding. There were so many slide outs, collisions, and almost collisions, that it was terrifying. It took me 45 minutes to go 10 miles. It sucked! After we finally made it home I decided we weren't going anywhere for the rest of the day. We pushed the couches together and made a giant bed and watched movies all day long. It was awesome!
 This also happened again. I'm soaking up every moment I can before my time with her gets divided again. And yes, I only ever wear Revel Big Cottonwood hoodies. They are the most comfortable hoodies I have ever worn! Even if you don't run, hit them up on their next race and get a hoodie. You won't regret it.
 I made a sneak peak of a before/after pic of the kitchen the other day. The "after" picture isn't even done, but it was fun to see the difference thus far. I can't wait to make the rest of them!
 I started getting kind of serious about this baby thing yesterday. I realized I have to start thinking about bottles and clothes and swaddle wraps again.
 And a car seat! Ours expired so we get to fork out the money yet again for an infant one. I think I'm going to try a Chicco this time. Thoughts? We did Graco before and had no complaints but I hear this model has the easiest latch and release on the base. And it's one of the top rated safety seats. It also looks a lot more comfortable.
 Today I killed my arms at the gym (I just lifted in the weight room because I felt like crap) and then spent the whole rest of the day grouting our subway tile. I forgot how labor intensive it is to grout a big space. I am WIPED!! But our fireplace is officially done and so is the back splash. Yay!

It started snowing again while we were up there working on it. The girls were running around in their bare feet and giggling while Cory was tinkering with the outlets and I sat by the fireplace and watched them play while the snow fell. It's already feeling like home. I can't wait to do that exact thing once we have a comfy couch to sit on while I watch them haha. I'm pretty sure I mention how I can't wait to live there in every post, but it's the gosh darn truth.

I'm anxiously awaiting our tax documents so we can get our refund and I can finally get a new phone and start taking more pics for the blog. I just don't have the storage right now to take very many. It sucks. Bad. But hang in there guys. Someday things will get better. It can't be Monday forever.

See you, soon!


Here We Go Again...

So, guess what?

We're going to have another baby!

I have so much to say on this topic, so sit back and grab a snack because I have a feeling this post will be long.

We have always planned on having one more child. But life has been CRAZY lately with our home reno going on and living with my parents. Our plan was to stop preventing pregnancy around March or April, after we had moved into our house and things started to settle down a little. There was a marathon in May that I had my eye on and was hoping to postpone pregnancy until after that.

Then in November I got a strong impression that we needed to start trying now. Like, NOW. I wasn't thrilled about the idea, but I'm also not going to ignore a prompting from Heavenly Father. I kept having this feeling it was going to take a while anyway, so we stopped using birth control methods and went from there.

A month later, the day my period was supposed to start, I just knew I was pregnant. Sure enough, I was. I was only 3.5 weeks at the time which is really unusual for a pregnancy test to show up as positive that early. December was the month I was hoping a baby wouldn't happen because I didn't want a September birthday... But, I guess the Lord knows best.

I am currently 6.5 weeks and am due Sept 7th. I always said that I wanted to wait as long as possible to tell people this time, but I didn't realize how hard that would be with my 3rd. It's like my body was just like, "There's a baby in there! Have a belly now and start packing on the pounds!"

My main goal this time around is to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. I'm not sure how that will go since that was my goal with Brynlie and it was a disaster.

I am completely and utterly terrified of having the same problem I had with Brynlie. If that happens I'm not sure what I'll do. But I've sworn off all running in an effort to keep it from being bad again. I've also been doing a lot of hip-strengthening exercises to hopefully help. So far so good, but it's still early.

I've also already gained 10lbs since I found out I was pregnant. I haven't changed anything in my life, it just happened. I officially weigh more now than I did 3 weeks after I gave birth to Brynlie. People, Hear me; THAT IS DEPRESSING!!!! I have always started my pregnancies at a healthy weight so to be this big already and knowing that my body loves to get gigantic, I'm seriously worried about what will happen. Call me vain if you'd like, but those who know me understand what a passion health and fitness is to me and how hard I work and how hard the last 3 years have been on me with this PCOS bull crap. Every extra pound is more torture after the pregnancy to try and get off, and my track record SUCKS so far. So that is a big concern.

So far I am feeling pretty ok. I get nauseated after I eat certain foods and if my stomach gets too empty but nothing super awful yet. I've been more tired than usual but it hasn't been debilitating. I think I am so used to being run down and exhausted all the time that I've hardly noticed. I don't know if these conditions will worsen as time goes on or if this is as bad as it's going to get. We shall see.

I do have some food aversions and heartburn so that's made eating as healthy as I normally do kind of hard. But I'm trying my best. I plan to keep going to the gym and doing everything that I possibly can to keep my body healthy. I know that's all tentative if this pregnancy turns out at all like B's. But I'm hopeful it'll be better.

This is our last baby and I feel pretty peaceful about that. Everyone and their ancestors are hoping for a boy, as are we. We will see. It'll probably be a girl haha.

I plan to document this pregnancy in all it's ugliness. It's so easy to follow the stories of people who get to stay thin and bounce right back after their babies are born, but what about the rest of us who get put through hell during and after a baby? I'm going to be a story for those regular people because I am one. Pregnancy is not kind to me. So if you can relate, then lets be friends.

So there you have it. 2017 will be an interesting year for us :)

See you, Soon.


Weekend Update

Whoa, what a week!

January gets a big middle finger from me. It's definitely my least favorite month. February sucks, too, but at least there's a holiday with an excuse for a steak dinner in there. And maybe some cheesecake.

This January has been particularly bad. I think the sun has shone... once? Can you say depression?We've also had totally crazy weather. We got dumped on with snow, then it froze, then we got tons of rain that melted the 2 feet of snow in a single day. Wanna know what happens when 2 feet of snow melts in a day along with lots of rain? This. This happens.
 We had water coming in our basement for days. Days, guys! Sometime we will have to address all the flooding issues down there, but for now we need to finish the upstairs first. But, until then, after we move in, we'll have an indoor swimming pool at our disposal whenever it rains hard.

Cory and I started watching this last week and got completely hooked.
 We flew through all 8 episodes. I'm not even into sci-fi that much and I loved it! I can't wait for more seasons to come out. If you have Netflix, watch it! Just not alone at night.

Fish tacos the other night. I just thought the fish looked super delish. And it was.
 Kennedy's new favorite song:
 We've listened to it over and over and over. I showed her Bohemian Rhapsody the other day on the way to school and she was giggling super hard at the middle part. Next time I plan on teaching her how to head bang to it.

Good news... The piggies are back!!!
 Her hair is finally long enough for her cute pig tails again. I forgot how long they take to do though. But she is basically the cutest thing ever.

Living in the car all week... wishing I was napping...
 Brynlie and I went into Famous Footwear the other day to kill time before picking Kennedy up from school. They are having a BOGO 50% off their clearance shoes. I found these for the girls for summer and got them both for $12!! That's $12 total, not $12 each. Score!!!
 This week we also went to lunch with Hillary. El Matador in Bountiful is definitely a favorite of ours. The Baja Fish Tacos are hands down my fave tacos in the universe. Sooooo good!! Kennedy is also really into flashing gang signs now apparently.
 After we ate Hillary took both girls to hang out with her for a few hours. Brynlie usually doesn't get to go on these outings and when she found out she got to go too, I thought she was going to rupture something from all the excitement. I got to spend 4 hours in total silence, did some online shopping (I needed a new razor...nothing that exciting) and took a nap. It was heaven.
 A blind mans self-served plate. Not being able to see has some advantages I guess. Although the green beans in the potatoes grosses me out.
 Her best Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music impression.
 She has also spent at least an hour every day playing with this Little People house she got for Christmas. She never sits still that long. My mom hit the nail on the head with this gift.
 Jedi in training...
 And some more house progress...

The fireplace moldings are done and almost ready to paint. There's just a couple spots that still need to be caulked and then its ready!
 We got the door on our pull-out garbage.
 Cory installed the dishwasher and the faucet. We finally have running water!!! I also tiled the back splash today. I still need to grout, but it looks awesome.
 More back splash.
 aaannnddd more.
Some other items of note this week:

  • I made it to the gym every day except for Monday when I spent the whole day hauling Shop Vac buckets of water... that totally counts as a workout. And a back-killer. 
  • I didn't vacuum once. I'm not proud of that fact. In fact it's a little shocking. 
  • I had a Big Mac. And liked it. 
  • We went swimming last night and walked in the same time as Kennedy's best friend, who was also going swimming. Their elated screams almost shattered the glass windows.  
  • Brynlie jumped into the pool by herself for the first time that night. Based on the face she had as she came out of the water, I don't anticipate her doing it again any time soon. 
  • We finally saw Rogue One. 

I can't tell you how excited I am for this long weekend. Christmas break spoiled me with not having to be anywhere at a certain time all day long. Hopefully you are doing something fun and spending time with your families.

See you, soon!


This Weather Sucks

This perfectly sums up my mood lately:
I'm sure I've mentioned this before but winter excites me until about this time of year... then it gets depressing.

We have had some crazy weather lately, too! We've been dumped on with snow, then the temperatures dipped to below freezing, and now we're supposed to have freezing rain today and then just rain tomorrow. Then more snow. Then rain. No possibility of sunshine or happiness or dreams coming true at all in the forecast. Oh Utah... you annoy me sometimes.

And yes, I'll be one of those people complaining about the heat in the summer, too. That's how I roll.

Yesterday Cory's parents took the girls to the Living Planet Aquarium so we could get some work done on the house. We haven't been to the new one yet, so I was super jealous they got to go. It sounded like they had a lot of fun. His parents won an annual family pass so they get to go with their grandparents all year long! Lucky kiddies!

Meanwhile, Cory's brother came and helped us tile the shower. It literally took hours for them to get the tile around the shelves cut and put up. It was a lot of measuring, cutting, and fitting.  But they did a great job. We didn't finish like I'd hoped, but that's alright. The hardest part is over with so the rest should go quickly.
I can't wait until that nasty green waterproofing stuff is totally covered up!

I will admit I'm not 100% in love with this tile. I'm about 80% in love. I like it, and it's going to look nice. But I compromised because it was on sale --  like WAY on sale -- so I am ok to lose 20% of "I totally love it!' to save hundreds of dollars.

I spent the morning on the kitchen back splash. I wanted to get the whole kitchen done but we only had one tiling trowel and we needed it in the bathroom, so I had to stop once I finished this section. Never did it occur to any one of us to take 10 minutes and run to Lowe's and get another one... Hindsight.
Now with this tile, I can 1,000% say that I freaking love it!!! Can I just move in now??

This morning the girls went sneaking off and were too quiet for a few minutes. They finally revealed their naughty doings and Kennedy exclaimed, "We're going to play a really fun game!"

 Now Mommy gets to play a really fun game of scrubbing the crap out of their faces to get the pen off. I wonder if they'll do this again after they experience that?

I've been in a weird, moody funk the last few weeks. I'm blaming the weather and the stressors in my life at the moment. But I keep having those moments where I feel guilty for not doing enough or being enough. I've been body-shaming myself and agonizing over how much I want to keep eating clean but we just can't afford it right now. I got angry this morning and purged my closet of most of the clothes that don't fit me anymore and threw them in a DI bag. I'm losing hope. Badly. I'm angry at my body.

I'm really stressed out about our finances. Remodeling a house ain't cheap and it's the one thing we fight about the most.

I'm feeling like a terrible mother and like I'm really struggling to keep our family happy and healthy. Cory and I are definitely at the end of our ropes and I think the kids are, too. They're bored, they're sick of being indoors, and they're sick of us always being busy not doing anything fun. We're bored, we're sick of the house hanging over our heads, and we're sick of not having a place of our own.

Life is tough. And the winter blues aren't helping anything. I know this is a phase. I know this is a trying time in our lives and it wont last forever. I know someday Kennedy will stop cleaning us out of bandaids every time she notices a spot on her body that is slightly discolored. It's just one of those months. Or a few of them in a row. We'll get through this. Right?

I hope your January is going a bit better. If it's not, we can lean on each other until the storm passes. This too shall pass.

See you, soon!